What’s with Scarface…

So I was riding the bus home last night and I sat behind this probably 18 year old dude on the phone. He was looking a lil thuggish mainly because he had on a big black coat with scarface’s face on the back. It got me thinking about how I really don’t understand the phenomenom behind Tony Montana.

I’m mean I’m not a fucking retard. I get that he was poor, then got into drugs, then became all rich and powerful. BUT THEN HE FUCKING DIES!!!! I mean do you guys fucking forget that. He’s so cool…he’s such a badass…but then he gets fucking killed. Jesus…get that through your head.

I know living in the ghetto and you see the drug dealer drive by in his phat caddilac. You start dreaming about having a car like that, with bitches all around, and whatever else the rap video says you need to be happy. I mean I was/am a dreamer too. I want all that shit. I still want the dream. But I’ve started realizing there are people out there that go through that rags to riches dream. But they don’t get fucking killed at the end. Or at least they haven’t been killed yet. And that’s good enough for me. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Oprah, Jewel, 50 cent, (now that I’m thinking of a list…these are all pretty blah but whatever) fuck there are a million still alive and kickin.

I don’t really know what this about. It just got me thinking about every cribs episode and all the guys on the bus. I just didn’t get why they’re all about SCARFACE. He does shoot a big gun. That’s about all I look up to him for. So yeah…ignore me. I just felt like talking about more random shit. And I guess I don’t think scarface is cool. So there…I said it.



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