We’re All Dorks…

I know it’s been forever since I wrote anything…and i’ll do my best to make up for it…but I have to write about last night. Last night i did probably the weirdest thing i’ve ever done with my friends. And that’s saying a lot cause me and chris have done things that would make a nun piss on herself. That sounded really gay now that i read what i wrote…but that’s not how i meant it. Umm…example of crazy things me and chris have done…ummm…we once got so drunk that we fell asleep next to a homeless person in a train station. Then we woke up…got on the train…and then fell asleep on the train. Then we ended up at the end of the line…which is called the train yard. And then had to sleep there like homeless people til 7am when the trains started again. But anyway…that was just for the we’re not gay thing.

So last night…Me, Dom, and cracka Beau go down to haight. We are embarking on an adventure to Red Vic’s Theatre. And to see what you might ask. Well Porn I must tell you…Porn. But not just any porn. Oh no. 3D motha fuckin porn. Dat’s right sucka. Cocks and tits were flying off the screen…trying to slap us in the face. It was crazy. Seriously one of the weirdest things i’ve ever done in my life.

I mean just watching porn with friends is weird enough…but to watch 3d porn with friends at an actual theatre is fucking nuts. At least for me anyway. After that to be normal again…we just went to a bar and got drunk. Same ole Same ole.

Anyway…good times. And the greatest quote from a porn…or from anywhere for that matter. “You are like a pimple on the asshole of life.” Doesn’t that make you just feel all warm inside?

The end


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