Virgo Bash…comes to a close…

The past week has been…how can i say

it…incredible…unbelievable…and definately unforgetable. Bea, Jackie, Beau, and Me seriously were drinking, dancing, at a show, or simply just getting into trouble

from the time they landed…up until the very last second til they got on the plane. And i do mean that literally. Jack made

sure we had plenty to drink right before she left. Thanks jack. Don’t know what i’d do without you.

I’ve tried to

figure out how i was gonna write this journal about ten times now. And i still don’t know how to make it flow. So much

happen…that i don’t know where to start or end or how to break it into sections. So i decided since i’m visual…i’ll just

have to break down the events. Here we go.

So bea arrives on the 17th…and right from the start we

go out. She gets to meet Dom for the first time…and she definately lived up

to the stories that she had heard from guav and me. I vaguley remember this cause it seemed like so long ago…but we met them

at Thee Parkside to see one of dom’s friend’s band. But we got pretty drunk and ended up playing ping pong wars. Mexico

defeated Australia…Philipines defeated Taiwan…and China/Native America defeated…ummm…nobody cause i don’t she played.

But yeah…there was a ping pong table in the instead of listening to bands…we stayed back there…drank and played

the pong. That is until the arm wrestling started. Beau and i started it off…and it was a good match. He may be anorexic but

he’s pretty strong. But i still ended up beating him. Then Alex took his turn at me…and my excuse for losing is that i

already had one match…but yeah…i lost. damn you alex!

So…we leave the parkside…and end up at delerium. Dom’s

exact words to me were “Ray…it has a pool table…so shut up!” and as most of you know…if there’s a pool table i’m happy.

And have been known to whoop some ass on the felt. But tonight…it was me and bea. We teamed up after a few shots of

jager…and few vodka redbulls….and proceeded to whoop everyone’s ass that challenged us. Bea’s pretty damn good. But at

one point…we went back to singles…and bea kept whooping up on people. One game…she had to go the bathroom…and the guy

she was playing was getting anxious. so i told him…you can wait for her…or you can play me…he said i’ll play you. So i

broke…and made everyball but the 8. He made one ball…and that was all she wrote for him.

After pool…was we’re so

drunk we’re gonna go dance to classic rock in the back. So that’s what we did…we danced our ass off to ac/dc and skynard.

It was definately a good start to the week. Next page

So the next morning…we wake up and walk

down to mine and beau’s usual morning stop. The Red Door Cafe for breakfast. And after breakfast we begin our journey. The

journey to drive from san francisco to l.a. and then to play a show when we get there. So Darius…bea’s friend who booked the

cali shows…picks us up around 10 and it begins. And by it…i mean 6 hours of what looked like country ass west…or east for

that matter…texas. It was a pretty long drive…and especially after being in hawaii for the last year…and being able to

drive around the island in like 3 hours…a 6 hour drive was pretty bad. The way there bea slept as you can see above. But she

looked so cute doing it…so i let her get away with it.

So we arrive and check into the embassy suites…which was really

nice by the way. Thanks Darius. We shower up…get ready for the show…and then head to dinner. Bea was feelin chinese…so

the guy at the desk told us about a place down the street. So we check it out…it looked pretty stank…from the outside…but

ended up being really damn good. Eggs with Crab…who would have known. The chinese i guess.

We pull up to the show about an

hour later and are soon very confused. First…we walked around like idiots trying to find the door. Then once that was finally

located…we were stopped…cause there was a comedy show going on. We looked at each other like…wtf? But bea was still to go

on after it was over so…we chilled outside and waited for it to end. Once we got in there and she started playing…it turned

out to be fucking amazing. The venue was cool…like a red dark jazz bar. The crowd ended up getting a nice size…and were

cheering nicely for her…and even screamed for an encore…which as i wrote before…i got to play with her…which made me

happy as can be.

So after the show…we go out with my friend lauren from texas…to sunset blvd. that’s right sucka. I

don’t know why i got excited saying that…but i did so get over it. So yeah…we had some more drinks…played some

darts…then called it a night. Back to da hotel…and i crashed instantly. Next morning…was nothing but driving…but…this

time i got my revenge. And i got in the back…and slept about 75% of the way 🙂 apparently i was snoring…but…i don’t

care. that just means somehow…curled up in a ball in the back of a lil car…i was comfortable. So we made it back home…in

one piece and one show down…and two to go. Next page

So after the l.a. show there were a few

days left until Jack Mothafuckin Dogg showed up…so i think without noticing we all took a break…and rested up…for the

arrival. Cause we knew…once she arrived…we would here those unforgettable words that jack has made her motto “WE NEED

SHOTS!” And since i had to work…bea took this time to remember how we lived in ny when me and chris were there. Stay in

your panties…watch tv all day…and not do anything productive. And that’s why we all got along so well…cause that’s what

we all do so well. Especially the me in panties thing.

So on the 24th…JackMFDogg arrives at the door. i hadn’t seen

jack since december…and i was blown away at how she looked. She looked amazing. Like a totally new person. Not like she

wasn’t beautiful before…but…damn. Volleyball and Florida have done her good. 🙂 So that night…is bea’s first san fran

show at Brainwash. Now…picture this if you will. 80 filipinos in a very small cafe…digital camera’s…video cameras….it

was nuts. I mean when we first got there…we were like…are you sure you’re playing here…there’s not even a stage. it was

more like a step…with carpet on it. But to our surprise…this show turned out to be amazing. There were people that didn’t

get enough in l.a. and ended up driving up to see some more of her. Jack was selling bea’s cds like they were plates of adobe.

And as you can see bea was too busy signing autographs to even look up for the picture. But she did well on cd sales…and had a

awesome crowd…and played an awesome show.

Here’s where i felt bad. Remember the ton of filipinos that were

there…well…the next act was a guy from scotland…who may have been good…but no one stuck around to see. it was said…the

place went from packed…to just the scotish guy’s friends sitting at a table…in the blink of an eye. So after we leave

brainwash…we head to hemlock. This pub punk bar down the street from my house. We have a few pitchers of beer…play some

pool…and all is well. it was a pretty tame night actually. Now that i think back. So again…Next page

So the 25 was bea’s third and final show at SWIG. This bar was right down the

street so when we walked in i was very impressed. The venue was nice. Modern couches and leather ottomans all over to sit

on…nice size stage…and a cute bartender…which is always nice. So the show was suppose to be at 8…but soon was bumped to

9:30. it was pretty empty when we walked in…so we thought that would be a lot better anyway. But around 9:30…there had to

be well over 200 people in this bar. It was nuts. You could barely here bea sing. And you could tell she was nervous. But

even with all of that. There were still a lot of people there just to see her…that were around the stage. So she faught the

crowd and still came out on top. Even though it was loud as hell…it was still a cool show.

So after she’s done…i pay

my tab…which i have to say was almost a new record for me…and i’ve been known to spend some money at a bar with friends.

But yeah…after that…we all headed back to my house for the after party. it was a good time i think…lots of wine was

consumed so in my book…that’s a good party. Actually me and bea crashed pretty early that night…and left everyone else to

party in the living room. So who knows what went on. Next Page

The next day was douche day…not in a

cleanse kinda way…but in a…i looked like a douche bag all day…kind of way. We were in a hurry…so there was no shower

involved…and i don’t have any hats anymore…so the first thing i saw was one of alicia’s head bands. So there i

am…wearing a headband…and jackie’s jlo glasses…so yeah…i looked retarded…and we went shopping downtown like that. It

was a fun day…but we got pretty tired of shopping quickly. We did run into the coolest looking homeless dude ever though. he

was this black guy with a yellow feathered indian head piece

on…with crazy zulu scarf wrapps around him…pants…crazy socks…and nice brown dress boots. oh and some jlo glasses of his

own. bea and jack got a picture with him…and jack later told me that he stunk like a butt hole on the 7th day of burning man.

So a nice little chill shopping day…but this was the day of bea’s birth…so there was more to come.

So it’s bea’s birfday…and we get all pretty and head to dinner. Beau made

reservations at BluPointe for dinner. Which was the best call he’s ever made…because…not only was the food amazing…but

our waitress was the most beautiful female i’d ever seen. Nikki was her name…and fish was her game. We had an awesome

dinner…and to top it off some awesome desert. So good job

beau…australian’s can do some things right.

So after dinner…we ended up in a

limo…which for some reason became the norm for that night. This limo took as back home to freshen up before the party began.

Next we head to northbeach where we’re meeting dom. We stop at the Sake Lab…and they give us shit and won’t let us in the

real section of the bar. So we said fuck this…and headed across the street to Fuse. We start that part off with one of

jackie’s famous shots…and that was the beginning of the celebration. After that was beau dancing all night…which i had

never seen before…Jackie getting hit on by frat guys…taylor (my friend from hawaii) setting everything on fire as she sat in

the booth…and bea making her way through all of these things one after another. Me…i drank a bit…danced a bit…and had a

great time. I remember us going to a peepshow place after we left fuse…but got kicked out by some rude ass guy…cause we were

just hanging out and not really interested in renting a porn booth. So we left there…and low and behold…there’s another

limo just waiting for us. So we get in and take it back to my house…and chill til we all pass out.

The next day went

something like….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Next page

Now we get to the Purple Hat Day.

We did the tourist thing cause it was a really nice day outside. So we went to Pier 39…which is…as you could have

guessed….a pier. But there’s lots of little shops and restaurants…and nick nacks and all that jazz. One of the stores we

went to…was a crazy hat store that had every kind of hat you could think of. Jackie ended up buying this crazy pimp purple one

for Myah. But since Myah wasn’t getting it for a couple of days…we made the best of it’s time. Jackie soon made up a

game…where we all had to be wearing the hat…and then ask some random person to trade hats with us…and let us take a

picture. We did pretty well too…we went around one full time without one rejection…but after the 4th time…it was rejection

city…so that game got ended. But it was freaking halarious….here’s a set of photos from it. Purple Hat Game

So the next morning…it was time for bea to

leave us and head back to her hubby…who i know for a fact has been missing her more than you could imagine. So we got up…and

bea packed…and instantly…my room was clean again…funny how that happens huh bea? But we got her a cab…gave hugs…and

then a sudden sadness sunk in as she went away. Don’t know if i’ve written about this but…i lost bea for about 3

years…I’ll explain later…but…she was gone…and know she’s back in my life…and I don’t want to lose her again. So it

was tough to see her go.

But we still had JackDawg. And jack…refused to let us waste any SF time with sadness. I had to

work…but after work…we all went and had sushi. And on the walk back from sushi…jack decided that we hadn’t drank

enough…so we stopped at this skank old guy bar on my street…strangely called Hanauma Bay (which is a snorkeling bay on oahu

where i used to live). Jackie ordered us all a shot…which of course the bartender had no idea what that was. But lucky for

us…jack knew exactly what was in it. This kinda became the theme for this night. Cause after we left there…we went to my

normal bar…the Nob Hill Tavern…and there was a bartender there that had no idea what we were ordering…or how to make

anything we asked for. At one point beau picked a shot from a shot list that had the ingredients listed on it…and instead of

giving us a shot…she gave us tall glasses filled with the shot. Which normally would be a good deal…cause we got a lot to

drink…but not when jack is actually making you down the damn thing. So needless to say…we drank up until the last possible

second…before we had to get jack to the airport. Jack ended up getting there 15 minutes before her flight left…and is now at

home celebrating her birthday with her family and ft meyers peeps. happy birfday jack. I love ya.

So now…here i am.

EXHAUSTED. I can’t remember the last time i was this tired. But i got time to rest up til christmas when i go back home to do

this all over again. So hope you enjoyed the longest journal i’ve ever written…i’m out…i’m going to bed.




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    A-freakin-men brother – it’s been

    a mad-ass 2 weeks, but it’s been totally awesome. Bea and Jack ROCK!

  2. Bea

    you’re not so bad yourself, bea with a


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