Vacaville can suck my balls…

So this weekend was pretty good. Friday we had a company outing. We all went to Sanoma to check out this winery. One of the guys in our company knows the owner or something so we got a lil special treatment. Rather than getting one taste of the 6 wines on the list. We got to try as much of whatever as we wanted from all the wines. Keep in mind this tour started at 2pm. So by 4:30 I am about to pass out. I’m tired as hell…feel myself getting drunk off my ass. So I actually ask them for some water. Sad huh?

So yeah I got home around 6 and I went to bed. Literally. I got my dawgy…got under the covers and passed out. I missed out cause I was suppose to go out with Marissa and her man. It was his birthday and when I checked my messages the next day…Marissa sounded toasted…so I know I missed out on a good time. Blah.

Saturday was a good day. Woke up pretty early. Which is normal I guess since I went to bed at like 7pm the day before. So yeah…went down to red door and had this awesome breakfast/lunch. This crazy breakfast quesidilla with chicken. It was delicious. Then went home and started packing. Which brings us to the weird part of the entry. So a lil back story. I’ve been dating Doan now for about 6 months. And we decided that I was going to move into her place feb 1st to get out of my current living situation. And then after that we’d look at finding something closer to the city but still a middle ground for her to get back to where she needs to go. Oh and the weird part. She’s in China. And has been since January 4th…with her family. So yeah. We’ll come back to this.

So yeah saturday night me and Beau went to see G love and the special sauce. They were awesome. I’d never seen them live so it was good to see some good live music again. I miss those gypsy nights in dallas. Thanks bea. But yeah the guy that opened for G love was called “That One Guy”. He was crazy. He played some crazy pipe with strings and buttons…and made all of these awesome beats and sounds. It was like a crazy techno show with one guy beating on a pipe. Crazy shit…you gotta check him out.

Sunday comes around. Moving day. Yeah! Not really. So I get everything packed up and ready to go. Go get the rental car. Beau helps me load everything in there. Me and Kola get in the car and head to motha fuckin vacaville. Again…Yeah. So the drive there isn’t bad at all. I actually liked it. It felt good to drive again. And there wasn’t much traffic at all.

It’s when I get to her place that I realize something. I have a whole SUV full of shit. And she lives on the second floor. So an hour and a broken back later. I’m in there. It’s a big ass pile of boxes and clothes…but it’s in there. I rest for a bit and then sort out all my shit. Clothes in the closet…shit in the shit place…all that stuff. So…I’m moved in.

As I was finished with my move my mind started going a hundred miles an hour. For one I know it’s weird that we’ve only been dating for 6 months and we’re already moving into together. Two I know it’s weird for me to be moving into her place when she’s not even in the country. But this is what I want. And before she left…she said that’s what she wanted. It’s just hard because your mind automatically makes your current situation seem like previous ones.

And you probably know that most of my previous relationships didn’t work out the way I planned. I feel like I’m way too trusting. I get it from my dad. But if you tell me something…I actually believe it. And I’ll do anything for you when you say the right thing. It’s just then that I normally get burnt. So yeah…that’s what’s going through my head right now. I guess I’m just waiting for someone to take my trust…and actually cherish it.

It’s funny though. When I told my mom I was leaving hawaii and heading to San Francisco. Her reply was. “I think that’s good…you’re going to meet the woman of your dreams there.” So let’s hope she was right.




  1. Bea

    only been five, but who’s


    dude, mang. i swear i told you about that one guy…so long ago. i even feel like i sent you one of his

    videos. but i concur quite fully…he’s crazy good.

    you’re welcome for the shows… and for the vodka cranberries


    you found someone to take your trust and cherish it years ago baby… i know what you really mean, but i’m just

    sayin… incase you forgot.

    love you.

  2. Throttlehog

    OK, so I’m this total stranger

    who has wandered in here quite by accident and read your post with the title directing Cowtown to slather some slobber over your

    scrotal. It was the title that actually had me curious and reading “Vacaville can lick my balls” after all…Maybe I’ve missed

    something, but, I didn’t read anything that happened that day that might have had you feeling that way. Have I missed something?

    Or, was that just your general mood to begin with and Vacaville just happened to be your easy target? Nothing personal

    here…just curious that’s all…

  3. Ray Hernandez

    for throttlehog: Sorry for

    that…I meant to post a follow up blog describing how horrible the commute from vacaville to san francisco has been for me. And

    how being in vacaville without a car sucks balls…cause everything is spread out…and I was screwed. But yeah…I guess I

    should make that post. And yes…that day I was pissed and that was the mood I was in.

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