TwitterFox/EchoFon Themes???

So I’ve been using the TwitterFox extension since it came out.  I really like having applications I used daily built into my browser.  Since that’s where I spend most of my day.  And that’s also why I need someone to help me build ThunderFire.  But that’s another post.

Anyway, I’ve been using TwitterFox for some time now, and really like it. But I’ve never really liked the themes or lack of themes that it came with.  At first you just had the baby blue twitter-ish look.  Which was pretty damn ugly.  And now that they’ve been bought or partnered or whatever with EchoFon you have a grey and a black theme.  And I don’t want to sound like a dick but I really don’t like them either.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like they are bad, they are just kinda boring.

So rather than just bitching about it, I decided to do something about it.  After a couple glasses of wine last night, I decided to go ahead and design a couple of themes that I’d be happy to use.  I finished them up just a second ago, and sent them over to the guys at EchoFon.  I don’t know if they are gonna trash it or what, but it would be pretty damn cool to have some themes I did thrown into their extension.  -hint- -hint-

Anyway…here’s what they look like.  These aren’t anything crazy fancy either, cause I do realize there’s not much you can do with a box.  I just prefer a larger icon, larger font, brighter colors, and some clean backgrounds.  So that’s what I did. Let me know what you think.

Grey Theme 1 – “Gravy”

Blue Theme – We’ll call it “The Lazy River”

And the Grey Theme – AKA “McGruff”


  1. Chris

    Have just installed Echofon, and am 100% behind you on the themes – and given the choice I’d gladly switch to any of these in favour of the defaults (particularly McGruff, can’t help but take a shine to that one)!

    Alas, it seems I’ll have to lump it, at least for now…

  2. Ray Hernandez

    I had to delete Echofon from my browser, cause I couldn’t get it to work anymore. I’m gonna give it another try, cause it really was a huge time saver for me. Thanks for the McGruff love! If they ever let us build our own themes, I’ll let you know when it’s live 🙂

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