Toph in the San of Fran…

So I just dropped chris off at the airport. We barely made it on time. It’s rainy as always…and it kinda sucks. It’s been really good having him here. I’m just happier and seem to have a great time no matter what’s going on when he’s around.

He had an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle…that he said went really well. But he hasn’t heard anything from them. If he gets the job he’ll be moving back and we’ll be tearing up a new city together. But even if he doesn’t get it I hope he moves down and tries to find something anyway.

It was fun to hear his loud ass snoring…his picture time…and Chris vomiting the night away again. Brings back the good ole days of sitting in new jersey eating mcdonalds and vomiting in the parking lot across the street from our house.

Not to mention that my dog loves sleeping in his suitcase…so I mean he should at least come back for Kola.



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