Things that make me happy…

i decided on my walk to lunch that with all the crap

that’s going wrong…i’m gonna go back and look at or listen to all the things that make me happy…so i thought i’d share

some with you…just in case you haven’t seen or heard this mofos:

My favorite commercial

My favorite Music Video

My Grandma

My Pops

Knowing one day I’ll be a dad

Playing Pool

Knowing they are there

Peanut Butta Jellay

Knowing this guy isn’t letting anything get him down

Bad ass Designer…McFetridge

Big League


Not the mama!

Thunder Cats Rule!


These crazy


There are Plenty more…but i guess…i’ll leave it at that…for now…and put some more up later.



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  1. carls

    hey rrrray…whats a good 35mm starter

    cam do u say a non-focusing nerd should get to start the hobby with?

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