The Dark Knight…

I’ve had a bit of a struggle finding a way to see The Dark Knight. The day before it opened I walked into the Imax theatre to buy a ticket for the midnight show, only to find out that it had been sold out for 2 weeks. Since I was sold out I bought I ticket for the next available showing, which was 4 days later. Sadly, I had to take someone to the airport so I missed that show.

But finally last night I got to see the film. We went to the regular theatre, cause I was just tired of waiting. But even at the regular theatre, the 8:30pm show that we were planning on going to was sold out. It was like god didn’t want me to see this film. But since the 8:30 was sold out we bought tickets for the 9:50pm show. FINALLY…we have tickets…and I’m not gonna miss the show. I told doan we have to get there early if we’re gonna have a decent seat. So we show up about 40 minutes early, but there were even more surprises. I line around the theatre to get into our show. No worries…I don’t care if I have to sit in the front row I’m gonna see this film.

We ended up about 4 rows from the front in the center, so it was a pretty good location. It was obviously sold out, but everyone there had the same…I can’t wait to see this movie…emotion. This was the first time in a long time that I’d been to a packed theatre, that someone didn’t annoy me. Normally there is a baby or people talking, cellphones, something, but that night everyone was focused.

I’m just gonna throw it out there. BEST COMIC BOOK MOVIE EVER MADE! I’m sure some people are freaking out about that statement, but in my opinion this was full on perfection. I was much more a fan of Batman Begins than any of the other Batman movies. I loved the older ones, but they were a cartoon movie, and Batman Begins was a real movie. I mean Bruce Wayne became a ninja vigilante…how cool is that? With The Dark Knight it was more of what I’ve grown to love with Batman Begins. It was a great movie, with cool gadgets, vehicles, and some amazing technology that I’m sure gave some code geeks some interesting ideas.

On top of being the best movie I’ve seen in a long time, Heath Ledger was an amazing Joker. I know everyone says Jack Nicholson made the joker, and I’m not saying he wasn’t great. I’m saying the Batman movie with Jack in it was a cartoon, and Jack was a clown that killed people. Heath however was a crazy mother fucker. He came off like a realistic crazy madman with all kinds of issues. There was a scene where the joker gets thrown off a building and all you hear is him laughing. That’s some crazy shit…laughing at the idea of death. Heath will always be the Joker in my eyes from here on out. It’s just sad that if there ever is another Batman movie (which I hope there is) Heath Ledger wont be around to add more Joker to the screen. I really hope that they don’t try to come out with another movie, and have someone besides Christian Bale be the Batman. I hate when movies do that. Which was another reason I wasn’t a big fan of the older Batman movies. You have to stick with the crew, or it just doesn’t flow as a sequel.

Anyway…I think this is the only movie review I’ve ever done on my blog, and I really hope that I didn’t give anything away. I just had to let you know how badass this film was. If you’re in the small % of people that haven’t seen it yet. GO SEE IT! It’s worth it.


The Dark Knight


  1. Amber

    Told ya!

  2. raydawg88

    @Amber: You did…and I trust everything you say 🙂

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