Stop the Violence – Teen

Domestic Violence Clearing House Honolulu needed a site to educate teens about domestic abuse.

This was a tough project.  1 for the topic and 2 because teens have such small attention spans.  Not to mention all of the different ways people can be involved in abuse.  What we came up with was a youth oriented design, with a pretty cool “help a friend” feature.

Text anonymous abuse information to your friends:  You simple put in your friends, parent, family members cell phone number, and we send a message with the subject “Abuse is not normal…you don’t have to deal with it”.  The message would contain the process of getting help, as well as contact information to call and get face to face help through the organization.

This project was fullfilling and I hope it helps a lot of teens in Hawaii.

Launch Site

Another aspect of the project was to create a cohesive flow between where the teens are to where the help information is.  So we created them a myspace profile page, that matched the design of the new site.

Launch Myspace

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