Starting off right…

Regardless if people realize it or

not…you really can effect other people just in the way you look…the things you say…the smile you give…everything. You

may never even see this person again…but they effect your entire day. You could get a smile from a beautiful girl…and for

the rest of the day you’re thinking…a really hot girl was checking me out…when really your fly was probably open. But

regardless…it effected your day…and you felt good.

Well that’s how i am today…I did remember to zip up my fly…but

today it was a little asian man that got it all started for me. That sounded a little dirty…but that’s not what i meant. Me

and Beau got to the bus stop a bit early today. And when it finally came it was packed. So we stuff ourselves into this sardine

can with wheels. And as the door shuts the driver starts talking. “Welcome to the friday party wagon! Make sure your seatbelts

are all fastened!” It instantly put a smile on my face. I hate riding the bus cause no one ever talks. It’s like a rule or

something that is just stupid to me. I never understood it. But anyway…he fixed that…and even as people would get off at a

stop he’d yell “Throw out the red carpet we got celebrities getting off!” The guy was awesome.

And without even knowing

it…he made my normally very uncomfortable bus ride in the morning…memorable and fun. I got off the bus with a smile on my

face…and just feeling really good about the day to come.

Next is jamba juice…which in maui…was a daily ritual. I’d

get my orange dream machine and make fun of beau cause this old women with the brightest red hair in the world would flirt up a

storm with him. It was cute…in a…hahaha…old women like beau…kinda way.

So we get on bus number 2 that takes us to

the office…and not even greated with a smile from this driver. It’s okay i had jamba and a smile workin. It’s funny too.

It’s like there is a team in the city bus office…watching the people come on…and if they have a drink the push the no drink

or food is allowed message plays. Or like last week…the bus was empty so i sat in the front…and no more than half a second

after my ass hit the seat…it said…”The front seat should be saved for seniors and people with disabilities.” Like i

wouldn’t give up my seat for grandma. jeez.

I get to the office and check my email. And there’s one from a Jin Cho. I

assumed it was spam cause i don’t know a Jin Cho. But i read it just in case…and i’m glad i did…cause it ended up being

someone from back in high school…who lives in the bay area and randomly found me. She found me from bea…like everyone else

does. But that’s good cause that means i’m doing my job getting bea out there online as much as possible. So hopefully i meet

up with her and catch up.

So I wont forget today…and what it meant to me. You can seriously make someone’s day better

just with a smile or a joke. well…and jamba if you’re me…but whatever. You know what i mean. Like Ice Cube says “Today was

a good day…and i didn’t even have to use my AK”



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