Social Media saved my Wedding!

Okay, that’s a little harsh. It didn’t actually save my wedding, but it did save my wedding ring. Let me explain how crazy my life almost became without social media. It’s gonna be a little lengthy, but I want you guys to really know what happened.

Me and Beau launched in mid-february, but I haven’t had a chance or really the balls to get out there and show it off. I recently moved to Austin, TX where there are tons of techy people and events going on almost every week. So I decided it was time to man up and look around for what’s going on. I ended up finding Austin 3.0‘s blog which just happened to have a list of events going on this week Social Media Camp and the Mashable party were all going on the following day so I decided I had to pull an all day-er/nighter and go to both.

Social Media Camp was awesome. Erica ran an amazing camp, and there were quite a few really great presenters. Yoono, Dell, and Giovanni & Whurley just to name a few. Everyone there was really friendly.  People just made it a point to shake your hand, and ask where you work. I had some interesting conversations with a ton of people, and made plenty of business contacts which is what I really wanted to get accomplished.

So now that I’ve made some friends/contacts it’s time to drink. So we headed over to the Mashable party at Buffalo Billiards and start to get our drank on. The night is going great. There is an open bar, free food, and tons of people. So same as before, walked around and met a few more people. Until I ran into an old highschool friend. I hung out with them for a bit, before the beer got to me. I had to umm…relieve myself. So I took a quick stop at the restroom (I realize this is gross,but it’s an integral part of the story) where I happened to run into Pete Cashmore. I finish up, take my ring off, and wash my hands. From there me and Pete walk out and make our way through the crowd. By the time I get to the bar, I realize that my ring isn’t on my finger. I start to freak out. I start moving bar stools in case it fell on the floor and have some of my new friends help look around on the floor. It was about 15 minutes later, after a quick chat with security, when I realized that I left it in the bathroom. I run back only to find my engagement ring is gone. Sweat instantly starts to run from my forehead.

This ring is pretty special. Not only is it my engagement/wedding ring, but it was bought for me on the side of the road in China. So it’s not replaceable, by any means. So at this point I’m freaking. I walk around checking everyone’s finger, asking everyone if they’d seen it. Obviously they hadn’t, but most people told me they’d keep an eye out. About an hour and a half of searching, and I had given up. It was gone, and my soon to be wife was going to be so upset. I felt horrible. Just as I was leaving, I told Michael Cummings about the situation. He had been taking photos of the event, and I asked him to keep an eye out while he was shooting people. He said he would, and I decided to go home. My great day had pretty much been ruined. It was my fault, I forgot it and left it in the bathroom. I called my fiance, Doan, on the way home. I told her what happened and I could just hear the pain in her voice. She was hurt, which hurt me even more.

So here it is the next day, and I’m reading everyone’s tweets and blogs about how great the party was. All it’s doing is reminding me about how I lost my wedding ring. It’s about 3pm, and Beau sends me a couple of links of Michaels photos from the Mashable party. I take a quick look, and then get the crazy idea to go through all 318 photos of the event. And check everyone’s hand to see if there is any way I could find my ring myself. About 45 minutes in…I FIND IT. I see a guy posing with friends and he’s wearing my ring. It’s pretty obvious. There aren’t a lot of rings out there with a screw and a bolt welded to a band.


So here’s where Social Media comes into play. I quickly twitter that I lost my ring at the Mashable party, and posted a link to the photo asking if anyone knew the guy on the right. Within 5 minutes I had replies back leading me in the right direction. And oddly, all of this lead me back to Austin 3.0 where I first found out about the events. Kristine who runs the site, was in the photo as well. So I emailed her through the blog next. She quickly replied with “No worries, I found your ring. You can come pick it up at Conjunctured at 5pm. I run to the car, sit in traffic, and finally make it there. There it is, just as crazy and shiny as the day I got it.


Poking around on Flickr, clicking through a few blogs and then a few messages on Twitter later and I had tracked down my wedding ring. I couldn’t believe it really – I think it’s the best (definitely the most personal) example of the power of social media I’ve seen or heard of yet.

Thanks so much to Beau, Kristine, Michael Cummings, and everyone else who helped and re-tweeted my message.


  1. Kristine

    SO GLAD we could be of help and that all ended in a happy ending!! Sure we’ll see you around soon!

  2. Broom

    man, thats awesome. good to hear you got it back.

  3. Beau

    Absolutely love it man. I can’t believe that you actually spotted it on the photo that you did.

    Of course the circular-reasoning part of me wants to counter the miraculous re-acquisition of your ring with the fact that if it weren’t for social media, you’d never have been at the party in the first place, but regardless – amazing


    Glad you got it back and the wedding will still happen! See you next week for the big day.

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