So I moved back to Hawaii…AGAIN

There’s something about this place. I just can’t stay away. After moving to San Francisco and meeting the girl of my dreams, I knew we were going to be moving somewhere together. But she was so obsessed with hawaii before I even met her. She’s always wanted to live in hawaii…it’s been her dream. So I wanted her dream to come true. So here we are again.

I feel like we’ve been here for so long already, because we’ve done so much in a short period of time. Here’s a quick recap of what’s happen so far.

We made it in time for Amber and Tyler’s wedding

Shane lost a bet at Dave and Busters and had to wear pink panty hoes down the waikiki strip

We ran into Syeed at Barnes and Noble

I started body boarding and Doan started jogging with her new pimp armband

We went to KukuaFestival with Jack Johnson and Eddie Vedder

We BBQ every weekend

We are all professional Guitar Hero players

We got a bus pass

And Doan started her own food blog

So yeah…things are going well…we’re getting tan and already losing weight. Doan’s really happy about being here, but not about having to work. She just started working at Cheeseburger in Paradise. She’s ready for me to get rich so she doesn’t have to work anymore. I’m ready for that too.

On a side not…have you guys noticed that they came up with a new…skinnier…cookie crisp dog. I think it’s bullshit. It’s probably because the government says that kids are too fat. So lets market skinny people…even cartoon dogs. But what they’re forgetting is the kid will still be eating fucking cookies for breakfast. No shit he’s gonna be fat. But so what…he’s a kid…and should be able to be chubby. Fuck you cookie crisp. You don’t see Captain Crunch going on a diet. Be fat and proud. I had to get that off my chest. Sorry.


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  1. Steve

    Man I’m so happy for you, looks like life is good! I’ll see you soon mane!

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