Sketches 7 & 8

I know I know…6 days in and I already messed up my project. I suck…I realize it. I was thinking about the project I just had a lot going on with the Social Media Camp, Mashable Party, and client work it’s just been crazy busy. So with my excuses thrown out there…I’ve decided to change the rules on this project. Since I’ve already messed up my 1 sketch a day…I’m going to do 30 sketches in 30 days.  This month I’ll have my 30 sketches, but some days I’ll have to do more than one sketch to get myself to the goal number.

Oh and my pen died. Which sucks cause it was a really good pen. I had to just find one sitting around the house, and I really hate how the ink goes on the page with this pen. I’ll have to buy a new one tomorrow.

With all that said…here is sketch 7


And here is sketch 8

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