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UPDATE: So if you already read below…then skip it and just go here. After me praising zazzle…i came to realize they suck. So here it is, normal as can be at cafe press. If you got a better website to make shirts let me know. thanks

So I made this design to wear to wordcamp 2007 in San Francisco next month. And I wanted to go ahead and put it out there for anyone who wanted it. So I uploaded it to Bountee which I thought was one of the coolest cafe press wannabe sites out there. Then I get this email:

Thanks ever so

much for uploading a design to – we really appreciate your time and effort, but unfortunately the voting period has

ended and the Bountee community has not given your Tee-Shirt enough votes this time 🙁

And this means that we

won’t be able to make it available for your fellow Bountee friends to buy.

We hope that you understand – and

thanks again.

The design that you submitted can still be viewed here:



We’re really sorry that this one didn’t

work out, but we hope that the next one will send them racing for the YES! button.

And as our grandmother used to

“Don’t be discouraged. It’s often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock”.

Have a nice



And I’m not mad cause they said no to my design. I don’t have that much of an ego…I’m mad cause I don’t think their site is very organized with it’s process. They rely on the “community” to vote designs in, and I actually think that no one voted on my design which is why it was revoked, but I haven’t taken the time to vote on anyone’s shirt. So I’m sure that no one wants to take the time to vote on mine either.

I just don’t think that’s a good model. Designers are fucking lazy. Regardless…I dont’ care, I just thought bountee was going to be a great replacement to CafePress. Especially after all their talks about their great printers.

So here’s the  save wordpress shirt. I signed up at zazzle cause they got a great review from techcrunch. I actually really like their model. You can get any size, color, style shirt you want with the design.


  1. Toph

    i gotta say… that bountee is shit. the shirts are shit. the people are shit.
    the shirt still looks great though…

  2. Steve

    Hey Ray,

    Errr, if it’s any consolation I voted for ya! 🙂

    But I know that it isn’t – so I do apologise for your design not making the cut. I just wanted to say that we know that site isn’t perfect at the minute (in our defence it is in beta and a ‘work in progress’).

    You might be pleased to know that we are tweaking our ‘model’ though – so that ALL shirts will be able to be printed (and that you wouldn’t require the vote to let people buy your shirts).

    You can read about that here:

    In the meantime you should try resubmitting the design again – it could be that you caught the users on a sloow day or something.

    And err Toph? That’s some harsh critique right there :/

  3. raydawg88

    Hey Steve. Thanks for letting me know that the site is updating. The reason I was so upset was there was a wordpress conference this past weekend where I was trying to sell the shirts. So your site not letting me put them up online, made it where I couldn’t sell them. So I was a little ticked. It’s all good now, but I’m really glad to see you’re changing up your site a bit. It’s a really good site I must say…if it was as easy to sell things as cafe press, I think it’s going to be the best shirt store out there.

  4. Steve

    Thanks Ray – very kind words (considering your experience so far :-p)

    I hope you’ll come back in a few weeks and see how we’re doing!

  5. Steve

    Hey Ray,

    As promised – check us out now; I think you’ll be happy with it!

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