Round 2 of the happy dappy…

There is a super long list that i could never get

to…that should go on this list. and people…i’m not naming names…but people…are already asking why they’re not on the

list. so apparently this one is gonna have to be longer. jeez. 🙂

Anything Napolean Dynamite

Awesome Japanese Commercials

Milk and


Dr Pepper Commercials
I tried to hard

to find the one with meatloaf in the background. That is by far the best commercial out right now. but this one is good too


I have read these a million times…but i still get teary

eyed everytime

I Love Advertising

I learn so much from Urban


I love anything Nerdy!

I love Acoustic Gangsta Rap Covers

The cutest kid…ever


sane one in my family

Knowing that one of my best friends is going to

be a Rockstar

Her Smile and Talent…(my muse)

The Greatest Show EVER!

She is so HOT!…and the commercial is cool


Knowing that I can create


Crazy Bastards Blog

Knowing i have this kind of nerd support if i

need it

Reading Guav’s


My crazy, funny, retarded, loving, caring, did i mention retarded, troo….friends

Knowing that Shane doesn’t get mad that I put these

PHOTOS online 🙂

Knowing that I’ve already lived

in New York

Again…there are a million more…and i’m probably gonna do this more often…cause it makes me feel a lot

better. but that’ll have to do for now…cause i’m going to the beach…yeah…that’s right…i’m in hawaii…and i’m going

to the beach. that is a big one on the list 🙂



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