A Really Good Weekend…

So this weekend started off pretty crap. I planned on going out Friday night. We left the office around 8pm…got home around 9pm…and unfortunately by 9:30pm I had already fallen asleep. Sad huh? I’m getting old. I heard I missed out on a great night at the tavern.

Saturday…woke up and had some red door cafe breakfast as always. Amet…the owner of the cafe…was wearing his milk maid costume with 4 inch heels…and had to stand about 7 foot tall. It was creepy, funny, and normal all at the same time. Alisha walked up as I was eating, and I decided that we were all going thrift shopping.

So we finish eating…shower up…and head to the goodwill. Now in texas…the goodwill is fucking expensive as far as thrift shopping goes. But here it wasn’t too shabby. I got like 5 tshirts and they were all 99cents. It was then that I made up a nice little game for me and beau. Oh…this was the australian’s first thrift store experience so we had to make it fun. Basically…I told him to pick out any shirt in my size that I had to wear monday morning. And I’d do the same to him. And the only rule is…regardless the color or what it said…you had to wear it.

So here’s what I got for Beau:

I don’t know if you know this…but i hate politics. The only thing Political i can read is Guav’s journal cause of the way he makes fun of the seriousness behind it. So to go with my hatred of politics. Beau got me this one:

So we get home around 4pm from shopping. Watch last weeks Alias…and before we know it…it’s 7pm. I head to the bar…and start playing pool. Beau shows up about 10 minutes later. And I don’t know why…but i had a corona and a shot of patrone there waiting for him. I told Doan i wouldn’t be hung over for our date on sunday…but…i was going to be.

Corona…Patrone…Corona Patrone…Corona…Patrone…Corona Patrone…Corona…Patrone…Corona Patrone…You get the pattern? So when 11 oclock rolls around. We are fucking hammered. And this is when Dom shows up. They go to another bar…I keep drinking. They go home….I keep drinking. That is until around 1am when I decided it was time to go.

I stumbled my way to my room…and instantly passed out on my bed. I woke up around 8am…with the worst fucking headache ever. It sucked cause Doan had told me she was going to come really early so we could have the whole day. Well I got up and went to get some breakfast. She called and said she wouldn’t be here til around noon. She said “I knew you’d be hungover..even though you said you wouldn’t…so I gave you some recovery time” How sweet is she?


So Doan comes and gets me and our date begins. We’ve been talking for a few months now…and this was our first actual date. So I wanted to do something fun that neither of us had done. So we head to the Palace of Fine Arts. If you’ve been there you know…it’s a huge fucking dome thing. that you can see from anywhere. At least that’s what i was hoping for. Cause we got lost. Ended up just going over the golden gate bridge and having lunch in Sausilito. It was nice. We had some thai food…and I actually handled the fish sauce. We had some Thai ice tea to go with it. i was really craving like really cold lipton ice tea or something…and what they gave us tasted like tea with 12 globs of ice cream in it. It was way too sweet so i just drank water.

After lunch we went for a walk on the dock and talked about wether she should keep the boat she has or not. Then we hopped in the car…determined to find the damn palace of fine arts fucker. We get over the bridge and she takes the first exit. As she’s exiting I see it. But of course it’s the opposite direection. So we finally find it. Park in a park across the street and go in.

It’s gorgeous…this crazy structure of columns and a dome in the middle of a city. You felt like you were in Greece or something. At least until you see all of the fences and construction trucks around the edges. But it was cool none the less.


They also have and Exploratorium…which is like the Science Place that we have back in texas. Actually i think ours is better…but whatever. We act like little kids and play with all the little experiments and it’s awesome. Doan has no patience whatsoever. The ones that you’re suppose to turn the knobs one way…then wait..and then turn it another way…to see the change and reaction. She couldn’t handle. She’d turn the knob all the way…look at me like…wtf…do something…and then as it would start she’d turn the knob the other way. Then get up…and go that’s stupid.

I was cracking up. I loved it.

A couple of hours later we walk to the park across the street and have a nice walk along the bay. It was gorgeous. You could see the golden gate in the background. Everyone was out rollerblading, riding their bike, or just having wine as the sun went down. It was weird. I felt really grown up. Like those diamond commercials with the old couples in the park. What last longer than a diamond or some shit. yeah that.

After that…we went to see the Corpse Bride. I was really disappointed. Not that it wasn’t good…cause it was. It was just no where even close to as good as Nightmare Before Christmas. No where near. Good try though.

So after a very long day we head home. About then I have my first want for an inhaler. I can’t breathe. It sucked. I thought i was getting a cold. But I think something might be wrong. So I’m gonna go to the doctor this week and see what’s goin down.

But dats it



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