Rambo 4!!!

Rambo 4

Okay I really don’t know what’s up with Stallone right now. I mean is he just trying to ruin everything that’s made him famous. Lets take Rocky. Great movies. I mean how many movies can say they’ve had 4 and a half great movies. Why ruin it with following down old man in american trunks fighting a young kid. I mean wasn’t that what the 5th one was anyway. Stupid.

Now I just found out today that Rambo 4 is coming out. Check out this Video Trailer of Rambo 4. It looks absolutely horrible. I mean, no one wants to watch this shit. It was great in the 80’s cause everything really sucked quality wise in the 80’s. Doing the same kind of movie…which it is…is fucking stupid. What’s wrong with these people. I mean Stallone must be producing, directing, and paying for absolutely everything in this one, cause who would want to be a part of this. Not to mention Stallone just looks weird now. It’s like his face and body have just become overly large like he has a slight case of elephantitis. I’ll get back to you on that one.

Anyway here is the trailer for Rambo 4


  1. Broom

    i think its only saving grace will be the extreme amount of violence and gore.

  2. Broom

    oh… and did you notice that he punches a dudes head off????

  3. admin

    Don’t get me wrong. People are going to watch it. Shit I’ll probably watch it. I’m just saying, it’s going to kill the

    the movie. Right now it’s a classic. After this movie it’s going to be a joke.

  4. jack

    srew u guys it will be sick

  5. raydawg88

    Hey Jack…if you’re gonna insult us…and stick up for a shitty movie…at least use spell check before posting a comment.

    Have fun at that movie theater…I’m sure you’ll be the only one there.

  6. Arcto

    Broom u moron: He cuts his head off. Id be more worried that he rips out that guys jugular with his bare hands. Rambo 1 was great. 2 and 3 were a bit retarded….but so were all the lethal weapons. Rambo 4 looks like itll be the best of all the rambo’s. So there. Im defo going to see it. Now the internal debate begins: Will i download it or watchi it in cnema???!!!???

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