Playing APA Pool Again…

So when i lived in texas…i played in a pool league

called APA…which is american Poolplayers Association. It was awesome…i played with my good friend Amanda…who is probably

the only person i’ve ever met that is just as obsessed with pool as i am. And if you know me…you know…i don’t go to a bar

that doesn’t have a table for me to play on. I need something to do 🙂

So the league is just a fun thing that is just like

any other league…if your team wins…you go to the playoffs…and if you win the playoffs you go to vegas and play for

nationals. So it gives you something to shoot for. BUT! and i do mean fucking but…it’s not that serious. People

sometimes take things so seriously and i just don’t understand why. The only thing i can think is that…these people have

pretty shitty lives…and all they have that they care about or love to do is…play in this league.

For example last

night…is my first game…on a team that i know…not one person. And lucky me…i get to lead off and go first. I play pretty

well…and i win. Yeah for me. But the next game…is this big…had to be 6foot 7 or so…black guy…playing against this

girl on our team that…you can just tell that she’s played pool about 10 times in her life. So at one point in the game she

thinks that he scratched…so she picks up the ball to put it where she wants…this dude…FREAKS! “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU

DOING!!!!!” he screams at this poor girl…and in comes his whole team freaking out. So i walk over there and go “it was a

foul…” and before i can finish my sentence…they start screaming at me “NO IT WASN’T!!! THERE WAS NO FOUL!!!” so to get my

point across…i have to yell….”IT WAS A FUCKING FOUL ON US!!!! IT’S YOUR BALL…CALM THE FUCK DOWN!!!!! jesus.”

I guess

they realize that i’m trying to tell them they’re right…and they feel some kind of power…cause they shut up and walk off

like…yeah that’s right..i’m right…sucka. WHATEVER. So the black guy who’s talking shit like he’s hot stuff…eventually

beats the girl that’s never played. Surprise Surprise….he’s a bad ass let me tell you. He sure felt like he was…talking

shit…like he’s good.

I mean i’ve played a lot. I’ve played for money…played in tournaments…and won quite a few

times…but never…would i be like that…after beating a girl that obviously was just there to have a good time. But

whatever…people are assholes.

So this isn’t even the bad part. You only play 3 times in this league…so i won 2 of my

games and lost one…cause i missed a gimme shot…but i was still happy with my performance. So i’m done…and just playing

some random guy at the bar…on the other table. There’s an old guy…probably about 50 years old on my team playing…against

our big black friend. The black guy goes to the bathroom…and George takes his shot and scratches. Another guy from the black

guys team…comes over and picks up the ball and puts it on the table. Now i forgot to tell you about my white trash friend.

His name was rob and he was pissed that he only got to play once…and was sitting at the bar bitching the whole night…looking

for more and more shit to bitch about. So after George scratches…and the other guy picks up the ball and puts it on the

table…White trash starts yelling foul. Cause there’s a whole rule book…that you have to follow when you play league…and

it says something about only the people playing in the match are suppose to touch the balls on the table.

So this starts the

craziest yelling match you’ve ever heard. This…probably 26-27…white guy jumps up and gets in 50 year old George’s

face…saying “fuck you that’s not a foul…you fucking bitch”…and just going off…as if this game was for a 1000 bucks or

something. And this was just the beginning…the big black guy gets into…George…the old man…is ready to throw blows…the

bartender runs over and gets between the black guy and george. And all of a sudden the black guy is screaming at the

bartender…”WHY ARE YOU PUSHING ME!!! I’M JUST CALM AND TALKING…YOU NEED TO BE PUSHING HIM” as if he ran over to the “black

guy” and pushed him…just cause if there’s a black guy…he had to start the fight.

It was fucking rediculous. First

off…i would never say anything about a bullshit rule like that. I wouldn’t feel like i won…if i took advantage of some

stupid shit like that. Especially one that has one man on your team helping you and getting a ball out for you. Secondly…I

don’t know these people…and i’d never fight about something stupid like that. I mean i’ll fight if it calls for it…but to

me…that means something with my family…my girl…or my friends.

So i finish up my game with the random dude from the

bar. Pack up my shit…appologize to the bartender…for something i had no part in. And i go home. I had fun until that

point…but that’s just something i can’t handle for too long. It reminded me why i used to never drink.

So…i’m on

detox number 2 now. Not that i would ever be like that…but if would have been drunk…i could see myself trying to help out

people i met…and getting stuck in the middle of a situation i didn’t need to be in. So to make sure i’m not. I’m done

drinking for a bit. At least til bea’s wedding when i meet up with Jackie and Miller again…who seem to always bring out the

drunk in me.

Well welcome back to the pool league.




  1. jose c

    That made me think of that guy Walter

    from The Big Lebowski…when he pulls the gun on that guy at the bowling alley…i hate people like that.

  2. Ray Hernandez

    You hit it right on the head

    jose. That’s the perfect example of what happen last night…at least withouth the gun…well at least no gun while i was


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