Pet Peeve

k…if you know me…and since no one really reads this but my friends…you do. you know it takes a lot to piss me off…or get me mad. it’s tough…i’m pretty chill. but there is one thing that i can not stand…and it happens to me on a daily basis. i work for a pretty small company. there’s only 6 of us in the office. and our desks are all in one decent size room…kinda in the shape of a U. with the boss being at the bottom part of the U looking out at all of us.

well i sit a lil in front of him to the right. and i know he pays my salary…and i know if it wasn’t for him i wouldn’t have this job that i really like…BUT…i can’t stand for someone to look over my shoulder while i work. i mean every now and then…that’s cool…but i’m talking about walks up and reads my IM windows…and reads whatever i have open. pisses me off.

the other day i felt like someone had been going through my computer. so i did a little mac hide all…and i’m the only mac guy here…so no one else really knows how to use it. so i hid everything to see if someone was going through my stuff. after lunch…sure enough…all my windows were opened up on the screen. Furious. but…what can i do. i don’t want to lose my job…and piss him off…but that’s rediculous. i just added password to everything now…so that should stop some of it…but nothings gonna stop him sitting behind me looking at my shit.

ah well. life sucks i guess. just had to vent.


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    I fucking hate that too. I totally


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