People still waiting for 3G iPhones…

I got my generation 1 iPhone a few weeks after it launched, so it wasn’t an issue. No lines, no wondering if it was gonna be in stock, nothing. With the 3G iPhone, I knew there would be lines the first couple of days in major cities, but had no idea there were still lines.

I just took Kola (my dog) for a walk, and since we are lucky enough to live in a mall type area with an apple store he normally gets a good walk and I get to window shop. So as we walked up toward the apple store I saw about 50 people standing in line. I asked an old woman in a wheelchair what was going on, thinking maybe it was a in store concert or something. I obviously shouldn’t have asked an old woman in a wheelchair about anything dealing with computers, cause she asked her son and he said with a…are you an idiot look on your face…”iPhones of course”.

I’ve been going back and forth between getting the new phone. With the cell plan prices going up, at&t thinking of charging you more for too much internet usage, and these stupid lines. They’ve made my decision for me. My generation 1 iPhone has the new software with all of the new apps, and that makes it fine by me. It’s not like you’re getting much anyway. How about they add the normal things that most cell phones have. Video, sms an image to a friend’s phone, or even receive video and image sms from your friends 🙂 maybe Generation 3.

Lines are stupid.

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  1. Amber


    same thing at Ala Moana yesterday. I asked an Apple dude how long the line was and he said it would be about a 2-3 hour wait.

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