Our new carpet made us sick!

So most of you know…that we’ve moved to Austin Texas. No more hawaii…which is sad…but it’s good to cause it means…no more bugs in the house…and it means our house is a lot newer. We’ve got a pretty cool place that’s coming along. But since we’ve moved in me and doan have both had this crazy cough. And it’s not like we feel bad…we just both can’t stop coughing.

A month has gone by…and we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the new carpet that the complex put in before we moved in. So we ran to costco and bought a good vacuum. Brought it home and started sucking. So after about 10 minutes…and vacuuming half of the place…the bag in the vacuum was full. And it wasn’t just full it was FUCKING DISGUSTING! I couldn’t believe how much crap there was in this brand new carpet.

So beware of new carpets…vacuum the hell out of that thing. I’ll keep you posted on wether or not our cough goes away and that was the cause. But even if it wasn’t…did you see the crap that came out of the carpet? Crazyness.



  1. Guav

    That is fucking horrific.

  2. raydawg88

    @Guav – You’re telling me. Just looking at the picture makes me a little sick.

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