The Ode to Miller…

well…today is Christopher Allen Miller’s 24th

birthday. He’s old. regardless…he’s my boy and i’d give anything to be in texas…to force feed him tequila and make sure

he pukes…and then comes out of the bathroom ready to keep partying and toasting pitchers. But…since i’m not in texas…and

can’t be there for the crazyness that will go on tonight…and his first of a few birthday parties. i decided i’d just think

back to all the crazy shit me and this crazy mofo have done and been through.

First off…i have to say…that chris is my

best friend ever. I’d take a bullet for him…if need be. I’ve been his wingman for many years…taken the blame for when he

didn’t call you ladies back. And i’d do it all over again without hesitation.

Aight…since my boy is obsessed with New

York…and will be making his way soon…it’s only fitting that we do this in New York style. So pretend i’m David

Letterman…and Here…is tonights…TOP TEN LIST:
subject: Top 10 Random Ass things that Chris and Ray have done.

10. We’ve actually sat and watched “The Net” with sandra bullock 27 times…at the movie theatre.

9. We used to sit

upstairs in the food court of Town East Mall and we’d make beats of songs on the table and guess what the other was playing.

(and we never guessed wrong…once)

8. We have swam in chloric acid. just for fun.

7. We use to sneak out of the house at

4am….to run. yeah…like exercise. i know…we’re retarded.

6. We used to say the word “Grandma” after or inbetween any

sentence to make it cooler.

5. We actually watched Chris’s dad piss all over his own suitcase in Atlanta.

4. We

invented…”Pitcher Toastiing” which is exactly what it sounds like. You order a pitcher of beer…and you toast back and

forth…one after another until the pitcher is gone…which normally takes about 3 minutes. BRILLIANT!

3. We were the only

2 members of the car club “Low Motion”

2. We played basketball…under the name: “The Funkadelic Flyas!”

And tonight’s

number one is: (drum line)

1. We made Dante Blaire famous.

I love ya man…happy birthday. and throw up for me.



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  1. Anonymous

    i made it… i’m alive… but i

    don’t remember it… here’s to dante blair’s dad…

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