Nothing i can say…

“like a hero or the champion
you are the best,

you’re the best
like religion or superstition
with you i am blessed
now the river may grow wider
the mountains may reach

past the sky
and whether or not you feel the same
my love shall never die

but true love is give and take
true love is

but there’s nothing can keep me from loving you
not fire, not ice”

Dear you,

It’s been a long time

since i’ve had that feeling in my stomach. that one where your heart has dropped all the way down there. And all it took was

to see your eyes look at me that way. You know i would have never done something intentionally to hurt you or maybe hurts the

wrong word. To upset you. Hurt is what i’m feeling now that i know you don’t think of me and only thing happy perfect

thoughts. So like i said…there’s nothing i can say. But if these simple words would do it. I’ll say them anyway. I’m

sorry. I love you…and always will…but i hope that you’ll help me pick my heart back up.


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