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I started thinking about this idea back in 2006, and it’s been a long time since then. But today my friends…is the day that it’s finally become a reality. I’ve gone through about 4 different developers who all thought the idea was great, but accepted without realizing how big the project actually was. After that…somehow…I talked Beau into working on this project with me. It was a tough sell, but we’ve done it. At 5:42pm (hawaiian time) went live. We built a full on baby scrapbooking website with a twist. The twist is something I think is really cool. We allow you to invite your friends and family to contribute. That sentence doesn’t sound like a lot, but think about how many photos of your kids are laying around on someone’s camera or computer. Your kids go visit your grandparents for a summer, your friends come over for dinner party, you see the family for thanksgiving…digital cameras everywhere and you know your kid is in one or two of the those photos. With the site you just invite the friends and family that are close to you and they get the ability to upload photos and tell stories that you might not have even known about. How great is that? Your whole family and even your friends are creating a scrapbook for your kid.

Anyway I’m really proud of both of us…and excited to see what happens next. It’s the first night and we already got a write up on Mashable. So that’s a great way to start.

Check it out if you have kids or know someone who does (come on…we all know someone with a kid)

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