My favorite music video…atm

So the other night I was watching MHD which is like oldschool mtv in hd. Yeah there is a place that actually plays music videos all the time. It’s lovely. Anyway I was sitting here, and I saw this video of t shirts that changed throughout the whole song. I have an obsession with graphic tees so this video was so close to my heart. It’s pretty bad ass. So I thought I’d share. That and I just read guav’s blog and he posted a video…and I want to be like him.

I tried to find more about the firm who did it but could only find a lil information about the directors. Here is the higher rez version of it if you’re all about the quality. Let me know what you think.



  1. Toph

    aren’t you just a son of a bitch? MHD is so badass… with the videos, unplugged and crossroads. (those two comments are in no way related.)

  2. raydawg88

    Yes…I am…MHD is…and no they’re not.

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