My dad’s day…

It’s like christmas, father’s day, thanksgiving all the holidays that my dad gets something has come really early this year. Well except for father’s day cause that’s this weekend…but anyway. This year has been something special for my dad. I’ve always felt like shit that he never got to do cool things cause he was always taking care of me. But this year seems to be his. So far he’s gone to the daytona 500, Carnival (in brazil), and now the NBA Finals.

Here’s how the story goes. My dad chills at Razoo’s all the time after work. It’s his spot and he knows all the bartenders, wait staff, and owner. It seemed like a normal day for him. He’s just sitting at the bar having a beer and in walks Mark Cuban…the owner of the Dallas Mavericks. Everyone starts crowding him asking for his autograph and pictures and all that shit…and my dad just stays cool and sips on his beer at the bar. The crowd dies down…and my dad asks his friend who works there if she’d take his phone over to him and ask for a picture so he could send it to me. She says sure and walks over there. “My friend was wondering if I could take your picture with his phone?” Mark Cuban says “Who’s your friend?” She points at my dad at the bar. Mark says go tell him to come on over. So my dad comes over there. They take a picture and shake hands and Mark starts to chat it up with my dad.

My dad is very much a charmer. He’s a really sweet guy that talks a lot…but he’s always overly nice. So obviously a probably drunk Mark Cuban starts to like my dad. Not like in a gay way…but in a cool new friend way. He looks at my dad and says. “I like you…you need to come to the game on sunday” He went on to tell my dad he’d have 2 seats in the will call waiting for him.

It was about 20 minutes after this that I get a call from my dad. He’s out of breathe and can barely talk…but is extremely excited. He tells me all about it and I swear I’ve never heard my dad this happy in my life. I mean I’ve seen and heard him happy but this was a whole other level that I don’t know that he’s ever had before. It almost made me cry he was so happy. I mean I do what I can for him but I couldn’t give him that. So he had two tickets in section 218 which were going for like 800 bucks a piece waiting for him. The mavs kicked ass that game so I know it had to be an amazing thing to watch. I’m just glad it happen to my dad.

He deserves it. Thanks Mark Cuban…you made my dad’s year.


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