Mid Twenties…

So it’s here again. Today is my birthday and I have to say I’m not at all excited. I’m getting older and those things that used to make me happy don’t really happen anymore. If you read last year’s birthday post you know that my grandma didn’t call me for the first time in my life and sing me happy birthday. And today…I haven’t gotten a call. 🙁 So it’s now officially official…I’m too old for grandma to sing to. Blah.

Last night me and doan were talking and she asked me what my favorite birthday moment was. I honestly had no idea. I sat there trying to think of something and was seriously lost. I mean when I was a kid February 15th meant the first day that your baseball team was legally allowed to practice. It also meant Daytona 500. So me and my dad would go to baseball practice…then he’d watch the race. Goodtimes. After that it’s hard to remember birthdays. Last year was nuts with the wreck…but the year before that I have no idea. I think I was in hawaii but it’s slipped my mind.

Anyway…I decided since it’s been a long time since the last happy dappy. I’d do a high fidelity version of my top 5. Here’s Top 5 Movies that made me happy when I was a kid:

The Boy Who Could Fly

This movie is and was really stupid…but it gave hope that some people you think are retards…have special powers. That and there’s a scene were Fred Savage shoots piss out of a water gun at the local bully. My dad got some piss in his eye from my rambo gun after I saw that.

The Never Ending Story

I would just get hooked on this movie. I think any movie with a flying dog…just fucking grabs you and wont let go.

American Ninja (1 through…they may still be making these)

I loved ninjas. Still do. But this was the first movie I saw ninjas on ninjas. The ninja motorcycle that is. So obviously it started my obsession with crotch rockets as well.


Arnold at his best. Not to mention Alyssa Milano was hot. I was a kid too so shut up. Just a great blow shit up movie.


Stallone looks like one tough moflocka in this flick. I think the thing I loved most about this movie was his car. It was so sick. And a custom gun with a cobra on it. Classic.

La Bamba

This is the first movie I ever saw in a theatre. And after I saw it at the theatre I went on to watch it everyday til i was 12. I can still quote it for you if you’d like.

That may be my top five…but there is no way I could leave out the holy grail of make me happy when i’m a kid movies. Motha Fuckin Karate Kid! Nuff Said.

There you have it. Top 5/6 Movies of my childhood. Happy Berfday to me.




  1. borkazoid

    Yes, things could be better, yes,

    childhood has (and should have) some fond memories, yes things change.

    It could be a lot worse man.

    You got a

    job – maybe not your perfect job, but you’ve got one, and it ain’t working at Maccas.

    You got a girl who’s crazy

    about you, and last I heard, you were crazy about her.

    Admittedly you’re living in Crackaville (which can suck

    everyone’s balls), but you’re fixing that, and I’m sure you’ll get it worked out.

    I don’t think I can even remember

    a single one of my birthdays. I vaguely recall a present or 2 that I got along the way, but that’s about it. No need to live in

    the past man – if you do that then you’ll miss all the good things that could be happening now and in the future.


  2. mg

    happy birthday ray…hope all is well


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