Mexican Boycott…

Today the movie “Day Without a Mexican” is suppose to come true. I mean it’s not going to. There are still mexicans at work, trying to make that money to pay their bills. But for A LOT they are not working today to continue the push for comprehensive reform of laws that would primarily affect migrants from Latin America.

I really hope it makes some small effect, but honestly don’t know that it will. People tend to just angry when it comes to something race related that involves protest. It’s sad really. Everyone thinks they’re better than somene else when really we’re all the same. Some have more money, some have more love, some are just alone, but we’re all the fucking same. The rich ass prick couldn’t live without his immigrant maid and that immigrant maid couldn’t feed her kids if it wasn’t for that prick that bitches that she doesn’t speak good enough english.

When I was about 15 I worked at a music store in Dallas called Musician’s Headquarters. There was this guy that worked there that I really couldn’t stand. We sold a lot of used equipment like guitars and accordians, and a lot of non english speaking mexicans would come in looking for a deal. Now the owner was the only one that spoke spanish out of the sales people. And everytime this guy would just get fucking furious that he lost another sale cause “they couldn’t speak english.” As they walked out the door he would start screaming “Why the fuck should I have to learn another language just to make a living in my own god damn country!” Well…you fuck head…the reason is that mexican’s make up the majority of texas population. And you actually don’t have to learn a god damn thing. But if you wanted to and actually did it…you’d improve yourself and your sales. It would just really piss me off…having to listen to it. And the fact that I am mexican and he was that much of a dick to say that around me…pissed me off even more.

I had that same feeling watching the news last night. After they talked about the protest and what it was for they showed all of this white women on radio shows bitching about how “We need more police and border patrol…none of this is going to do any good and even if it does we should stop it.” She went on to say that more than 15,000 mexicans try to make their way into “their” country and we just can’t have that we’re too crowded as it is.” Well Bitch…lets see…maybe you should stop having kids. Maybe we can be like china and only allow one child per family…maybe even kill the kids you have that go over your limit. Hmmmm…what other great ideas…stop those people from coming her…and let me keep making this country crowded. I’m rambling…but it was so annoying to listen to.

Sadly what was running through my mind was “Home of the free…” and how much bullshit this country is now. The land of opportunity can suck my balls, cause it’s the land of opportunity if you’re from this country or if you come in with money. At least in most people’s eyes.

Here’s a couple of letters written in to the Dallas Morning News bitching. I can almost make out the faces and upbringings of these people. They’re the same ones that tell their daughters if you ever date a black fellow I’ll kill you. Good peeps…check out what they got to say:

Buy whatever you can today …

I encourage all Americans to purchase whatever they can today. If the illegal immigrants want to see economic power, what message will they get if sales go up on the day of their boycott?

David Bohn, Dallas

… and stay home tomorrow

I agree that the 11 million illegal aliens should stay home today. Tomorrow, the 293 million American citizens should stay home. The economics of May 1: not much. They don’t pay taxes and they send all their money to Mexico. The economics of May 2: astounding. This should tell our ignorant politicians to deport illegal aliens and close our borders so the citizens of this great country can get on with our lives in peace, unity and the English language.

Lois Cossack, Lewisville

Hispanics can’t have it both ways

We’ve heard it a million times from Hispanic activists. Immigration reform unfairly targets all Hispanics. Most Hispanics aren’t illegal immigrants. It’s unfair, unethical, stereotypical to mix Hispanic and illegal in any discussion of race, culture or reform.

All of which is true.

Am I the only one, then, who appreciates the irony of those same activists calling for Hispanics to boycott buying or working today to protest immigration reform? Or, perhaps, is this a case of myopic hypocrisy?

Paul Lehmann, Mesquite

Anyway…just a rant about what’s going on. I hope it all makes a difference…and that maybe people can realize how much those immigrant workers they bitch about so much…make their lifes easier.

anyway…i’m done…


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