May I introduce Bea TalPlacido Gauvin…

So I’m exhausted from a nice 4 day excursion that took place in upstate new york. I flew in to witness one of my best friends in the world…Bea Talplacido…and her man…Justin Gauvin…take eachother’s hand and become “The Gauvin’s”.

They were married at Robert Treman State Park in Ithaca, New York. The trees were a perfect blend of orange, green, and yellow. It was a bit damp, but after moving the wedding from outside to inside. It became perfection. There were hundreds of candles lit all around the space, a arch in the middle full of flowers, and a nicely lit state park for a backdrop.

Sitting in the white fold out wooden chairs sat, on one side the TalPlacido filipino clan, and on the other all of Guav’s tattooed friends. I loved it. It was the greatest combination at a wedding ever. Everyone was happy and smiling. It started with Lyric…the ring bearer…and Chloe…the flower girl coming in. Chloe grabbed a handful of flowers and chunks them toward Lyric. Everyone laughs…when DJ’s son…Elijah yells: “Everybody be quiet!” in the cutest little kid voice ever.

This followed with the beautiful bride making her entrance to the sounds of Sim Redmond playing Solitude in You. It was perfect. Bea’s dad gave her away…and as he did he told the judge “This is my baby” just before he started to cry. I have to admit…watching him grab a napkin to wipe the tears…got a waterfall flowing from my eyes.

The ceremony continued. And once they kissed…I don’t think I’ve ever smiled so big. It was one of the greatest feelings I’ve ever had. After that we all walked outside to take about a million photos of the beautiful bride and her man. But that was cut short for some of us. Cause we had to put up all the chairs and get the place set up like it was so we could head to the boat for the party.

Dats right…I said boat. About 90 of us boarding this 2 level boat. Mostly it was Bea’s family and Guav’s friends downstairs…and all of Bea’s friends upstairs…where the bar was. It was freaking cold as hell up there…but tequila keeps you warm. It was a good time. We were all taking photos and drinking…and just having a great time. Bea and Guav did this really cool thing where they took polaroids of everyone there and made them sign it for a wedding scrap book.

So I have to say something about the cake. Now the cake. Scared me. It was green and very solid looking. It was a vegan cake since Guav and a lot of his friends are vegan and straight edge. But I couldn’t not have some of their wedding cake. I slowly brought the fork to my mouth…and was met with a very nice surprise.

The chocolate actually tasted like chocolate 🙂 It was really freaking good. So yeah…vegans can do some crazy things in the kitchen. Ummmmm…what else.

Well after the reception on the boat that wasn’t enough for us. So we found the closest bar we could find that was open on a sunday. It’s Ithaca…nothing is open. That is except for one bar. The Haunt. And it just so happen that it was goth night. So there’s about 15 of us all in suits and Bea in her wedding dress. And then there’s about 30 Goth Kids in black leather outfits and the DJ was spinning some crazy death metal techno that was actually pretty fucking sweet.

About a 11 or so Bea asks me if I’ll drive her and Guav back to the bed and breakfast cause they’re tired. So we hop in the car and drive for about 20 minutes to their place. I leave them and oh. We were driving around this Chrysler 300 all weekend. And it has this crazy navigation system in it. The female voice would let us know how to get anywhere we were headed. She was named Diane by Bea and Jackie. So anyway. I drop them off and put in “the haunt” into diane’s system and she finds one. So I click it and I’m on my marry way back to the bar.

I’m driving for a good 30 minutes when I look over and see that on diane’s screen it says 249 miles remaining. I’m like WTF why would it say that. And at the same time…I’m noticing this car on my ass. I’m trying to figure out the nav…so I pull off on the side of the road. As I pull over…I notice that it was a State Trooper that was on my ass that luckily drove on right by me. That was close cause I’m sure my breathe still smelled a bit like tequila. Anyway I look at the nav and it has me heading to Pennsylvania. That was close. If I had been a bit drunker I may have just went the whole way.

So I look up the haunt again on diane. And it finds it in Ithaca this time. So 10 minutes later I’m back. I’m not really feeling like drinking at this point…since the trooper had scared the shit out of me. So we all decide to get some grub.

We end up at this ghetto diner that some Goth chick told us about. I was starved and was pleased to see that they had a cheeseburger with egg. Which Beau had raved about for so long and once I finally tried it I agreed. The funny thing is…at this dinner that is called a “BoBurger” I thought it was funny anyway. So we all order and for some reason when we’re all drunk. All we do is talk about sex. And when we’re drunk all we do is talk…REALLY LOUD!

So we’re talking about turning on the lightbulb and all kinds of stuff that you don’t normally talk about at a diner. When the waitress comes over says “Can you keep it down…there are kids in here.” And instead of us going “Oh i’m sorry” we reply with “It’s 4 0-clock in the morning…what the fuck are kids doing up and in here?” We’re nice like that I guess.

So we eat. Head home…and instantly we all just pass out. I wake up around 9:30…and for some reason I have in my head that everyone has around the same flight times. And since no one else is up…it must not be time to get up yet. So I roll back over and go back to sleep. I wake up a couple of hours later to only realize that I totally missed my flight.

Jackie, Bea, and Guav are about to leave to drive back to NYC and Jack says why don’t you just ride back with us…you should easily be able to get a flight from NYC to San Fran. Sounds like a good idea to me. So I beat on the bathroom door where Chris is showering…so I could tell him bye. He comes out…soaking wet wearing only a white towel. He gives Jackie a hug and kiss. Then he turns…looks at me…and just slaps me across the face. Like a…I”m challenging you to a duel…slap. Not to mention that he was soaked so not only did he slap me but it was a wet ass slap. So after this slap he just turns around…goes back into the bathroom…and shuts the door.

We’re all kinda looking around…like…did that just happen.

So me and jack head to go pick up the new couple. We get them. And start our road trip. And it’s funny…cause the movie Road Trip is actually set in Ithaca. Funny to me I guess. So we head down the road. And I’m kinda blown away. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Makes me think of hawaii a bit actually. With Mountain-esque hills with trees all the way up. But the trees with the most vibrant oranges and yellows mixed with a not yet fall green. It was breath taking.

So we drive for a couple of hours. When we stop in this small town for some food. The plays has yankees crap everywhere. And when we walk in we’re greated with a nice set of about 12 old people eyes looking at us with that “What are you doing in here boy” look. We don’t care. We sit down…and the guy comes over with 2 menus. Bea says there’s actually 4 of us. He replies with. I guess you’ll have to share then. He liked us a lot. Guav’s tats were glowing…My hawk was still up a bit. And bea’s just asian. Jack was okay…cause she’s a cracka…but she’s with us…so i’m sure they didn’t like her either.

We really didn’t care about all of this…cause all we could think about was how freaking cheap this food was. 2 eggs 2 pancakes and home fries $1.40 Holy shit! All four of us had a ton of food and the bill didn’t even break 20 bucks. So we get back in the car and head to the jersey casa.

We’re about 45 minutes out when the gas light comes on. I pull to a gas station and go in and get a snack and something to drink. I’m standing there with Jackie and the cashier…a short chubby white guy with a baseball hat on…starts chuckling. And then he just starts talking. “Yeah…this guy came in and bought a paper earlier…and told me it was for his dog” Me and Jackie look at each other. He continued “I said your dog reads the paper? And he said…Yeah everytime he takes a shit” and then he handed me my change as he was cracking up…catching his breath he was laughing so hard.

We walk out and then start cracking up and how fucking random and weird that was. So we make it back to my old home. We unload everything from the car and get it all into #6. It feels really weird being here. Last summer me and chris lived there. And it feels really weird being there without chris.

So jack and bea take the rental back and me and guav start watching some bmx freestyle dvds. They get back and tell us they got a ticket for running a red light about 2 blocks from the rental place. That blows. After that we head over the Helen’s to get a few slices of pizza. Then we came back and watched this dvd that me and beau put together from the virgo bash.

It was awesome. I watched it before I burned it…and wasn’t as happy with it. But when we were all sitting there watching it…laughing and smiling about what a great trip that was. It made me really happy.

So the next morning we head to the city to get jackie to the airport. We took a few photos and had some eggs…since for some reason when we’re all together that’s all we eat. Jack made it on the train. And me and bea walk around the city and meet up with guavie dovie. We do some thangs…and then head back to the green couch in jersey.

I cleaned up…packed up all my stuff…and headed out to the path train. I got off at 33rd and headed back to guav’s work so he could walk me to penn station to make sure I got on the right train. We head down to the wrong track at penn station…and I had to carry my heavy ass suitcase up the stairs and back to another track. Not that I’m tired from this…but if you’ve ever been to penn station at 5:30pm then you know how many people are in there and how hot it can get. So basically i’m sweating my ass off. I head to my train and i tell guav i want to go grab something to drink first. He’s like you’re not gonna make it if you do man. Shit.

So we get there and i get it…nice little standing spot by the door. He gives me a hug and takes off. By this point i’m sweating like i’m in the pits of hell. There was about 3 minutes of me just wiping sweat from my forehead when POOF! Guav pops his head in with a coke and a glass of ice. He’s so fucking awesome. That totally saved me from a embarrassing sweaty ride all the way to jaimaca.

So long story shortened a bit…i make it home around 1:30am and am greeted by Doan in a beautiful long red dress. The flights were horrible so it was great to see her dimples and that beautiful face again. We get home about 2:15am and I’m exhausted. The garage that we normally park her car was closed so we happen to find a spot by my house…but we had to move the car by 7am. So after a couple hours of sleep we have to get up. And during the time we get back to the time I have to leave for work my roomates were in the shower. So I didn’t even get to take a shower. Yep…i stink. get over it.


So yeah. Bea is now a Gauvin. And Guav is now fully part of my family. Oh he told me he loved me. Which is a big step…cause I’ve told him that for a year now…and he would never say it back. We’ve broke through 🙂 I love them. And they are a beautiful couple that were meant to be together. I can’t wait til they have little guav’s running around for me to turn into bad ass baseball players.

There were a million photos of this wedding…my camera died so this is all i got: Bea Guav Wedding Photos

But i’ll repost the links to everyone else’s. i’m out


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