Losing a bet…

I admit I can be pretty cocky when it comes to playing pool. And it has gotten me into trouble before, but never like it did last night. So we’re playing a game of nine ball and Doan makes one of her I get whatever I want if I win bets. For some reason I agree. I’m whooping her ass and go to shoot the nine in the side. The nine falls nicely in the side, but the cue ball just keeps going…going…going…until it too falls nicely into the corner pocket. It was horrible.

I’ve never seen Doan so happy. She quickly ran to the guest bedroom where she gets ready in the mornings, and I hear all this ruffling. She comes back 5 minutes later and I’m on the couch watching tv. She scoots me over and says aight “I’m going to put makeup on you” At first I resist, but I did lose a bet. So whatever. She goes to town on me as I watch my favorite hawaiian classic…Blue Crush.

20 minutes go by and she’s like you’re ready. But first…I have to take pictures. I was like hell no. I have to see it first. So i go into the bathroom only to find myself looking like a really bad drag queen. I mean really bad. It was funny as hell though, so I decide I need to whore-ize Doan too. So we’ll match of course.

At first I have in mind to do something really cool and artsy…all hip model esque and shit. Then I start applying all this random shit to her face. The more I see her looking like a crackhead whore who wants to suck dick for crack, the more fun it becomes. I’m adding glitter, drawing massive lips that go to her ears, just totally fucking her up. It was awesome.

So once we see how glorious we both look. We start taking photos. It’s crazy cause as random as we looked, the photos are looking really cool. The lighting was right, the camera was good, and all the stars were aligned. We had a good 2 hour photoshoot, before the whore-ization started getting us all hot. I can’t tell you what happen after that, but It was a whore-ized night I’ll never forget.




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