If you’ve read some of my other blogs…you know that there was a time when me and bea didn’t talk. And after 3 years I found her again. Well not only did that make mine and bea’s friendship that much stronger, but I also met Jackie…Bea’s wife. And she just became my lady. I can’t say wife…bea would slit my throat. But yeah…me and jackie hit it off like we were best friends forever.

When I moved back from my first stay in hawaii. I was staying with my parents…and was jobless. I had a nice check coming from the company I left…but the way i go out. It didn’t last long. On top of that…this was when my parents decided to drop on me that they were getting a divorce. I couldn’t take that. Seeing my mom sleep on the couch…and then the futon in the computer room. It was killing me. So I was going out a lot more and getting really depressed.

But Jack was always good about getting me so drunk that I forgot my name. And if you don’t know your name…then you don’t remember all the bad shit around you.

I eventually moved in with Jackie and Michelle in their house on lower greenville. It was great. Those are the types of women I like living with. I don’t mean sexual. I mean we had a nice house…it was always clean. But we partied a lot. I mean we were the before and after party to a whole strip of bars. It was rediculous and perfect all at the same time.

And “Rediculous and perfect” is the only way you can describe jackie. She moved to Dallas not really knowing anyone. And by the time i met her it was like she grew up there her whole life. I mean we couldn’t go anywhere without her knowing someone or someone running up to her saying hey jack. and then her looking at me going “I have no idea who this is.” But we’d go to any bar…and the bartenders would hook us up…just cause we were with her.

After about a month though…I really started to notice something. Not only do people love her…but people love trying to be like her. Jackie is one of those people that come up with her own things. Her own words…her own poses…her own pimp walk or something like that. And after awhile you start to notice that everyone around her is doing it…or saying it…or just being a mini jack. It’s crazy.

I know this is a random lil rant. But she called me last night and we talked a bit. And i brought that up…and this morning…as hung over as i am…i was still thinking about it. So i had to write about it.

Jack. You fucking rule shit baby. And it is your world.

And you’re pretty. So there. I love you.



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