A Great Weekend…

So…this is going to be a multi part lil post.

Everyone keeps asking me about golf…and i’m happy to report…I KICKED ASS! i kicked so much ass…my team actually won the

tournament. now don’t get me wrong. i hit some really ugly shots…but i also hit quiet a few really great shots. one…i

feel i must tell you about. i was about 150 yards away with a huge tree in front of me…and if you’re not into golf i’m

sorry…but this was the greatest shot ever. so i’m 150 out…with a big mofo tree in front of me. i pull out the pitching

wedge…and start praying. i hit the ball…and up it goes…right down the middle of this tree…going over the top by about 3

feet….which made me happy enough…BUT…that’s right…i said but…as i start watching where the ball is gonna end up…a

grin just starts making it’s way across my face. i make a lil “ploop” sound…and the ball drops…about 3 feet from the hole.

everyone was yelling and cheering…and it made my day. seriously…that shot made my weekend. but…then afterwards we found

out we had the best score. that topped it off. i was done…that’s all i needed.

the main thing i was worried about…in

this major convention that our small lil company was throwing…was the golf game. so every other lil thing i had to worry

about. was easy. 🙂 but…here we go with part two. and i’ll start it just like another post. hold up…here’s a photo to

start it with:

Umm…the 4 seasons ROCKS!
so…this weekend…also was great…cause of my

accomadations. I was in an executive suite on the 6th floor…with a partial ocean view. now at most hotels…that means…if

you squint you see a hint of blue…and tha’ts the ocean. but in the 4 season’s case. this is what a partial ocean view is.

not too bad huh. the crazy thing is that was just from one of my balconies. dats right. i had 2. it was rediculous. and also

rediculously priced. but it’s all good to me…cause i just get to live it. and not pay for it.

so yeah. the purpose if

you didn’t know for this weekend was that…our company brought together some of the biggest players on the internet…for a

small yet fancy…convention. which…everyone that i talked to…which was everyone…said this was the greatest thing they’d

ever been to. so with that said. we did a great job…in make a HUGE name for ourselves in the industry. so we kicked some

ass…and lived it up. it was awesome.

on a personal note…i made a huge impression with the guys from playboy. i designed

a page for them to try out…and they loved it. so i may be getting to go hang with hugh at the mansion soon. *crossing

fingers* i’ll keep you posted on that. 🙂

on another personal note…I MADE IT! i made it…even through this

summit. without drinking a bit. detox finished…now…LETS GET DRUNK! na…not really…but i am pretty happy i made it

through the summit. it was really…tough…with clients trying to shove patrone down my throat…but i made it…and i’m glad.

so yeah…my weekend was great. lived it like a rockstar…went snuba diving…OH YEAH…forget to even say that. i went

snuba…which is like a snorkel / scuba adventure thing. where you don’t have to wear a tank. it was awesome. i swam with a

shark…which scared the shit out of me…and i saw a big mofo turtle. I took a million photos and if you want to check them

out…there’ here. My Trip Photos so i’m almost as brown as my

dad now. and yeah. great weekend. seems like my luck is changing. or at least it did for that weekend…and that’s enough

for me.




  1. jose c

    where was my invitation? i guess it

    got lost in the mail 🙂 sounds like a lot of fun..congrats on your successfull game.

  2. Vickie

    congrats on the tourney! I guess you

    can add golf-pro to the long list of “Look what Ray can Do”. LOL! I’m glad you had such a great weekend!

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