Golf is not my sport…

I would never…never…and i do mean NEVER…call

myself a golfer. but…i do consider myself an athlete. and there are not very many games that i can’t pick up and just play.

but golf is a little to similare to my main sport baseball. i can’t grip a bat like pole and be swinging at a ball…and not

turn into a baseball player. but as i learned yesterday…that is the worse thing i can do.

I have to play in a golf

tournament on saturday…in maui…on one of the nicest courses in hawaii…and have played one round of golf in the last 5

years. and that one was not pretty. i don’t think i’ve ever been more embarrassed in my life actually. and i really just

don’t want to have that happen again.

so yesterday me and my friend shane…you may remember him from these Beautiful Photos of Him…went to the goodwill to get a couple of golf

clubs so he could teach me a thing or two. i miss thrift stores so bad. it was awesome…we spent 10 bucks…and walked out

with a couple of nice irons. so we got clubs…now we head for the driving range.

now i used to go to the driving range all

the time. actually before every baseball season. i’d go and hit lil golf balls…as far as i could. now i always had a crazy

slice…i could make it go from one side of the range all the way to the other. and sometime go in the street 🙂 but with all

that said. i used to think that…i was awesome for being able to do that. well…now…i know that’s not gonna work in maui.

so i got a couple of buckets of balls…and swing after swing…correction after correction…NOTHING. my swing still was

crap. as in…i didn’t have one good hit out of 2 buckets. but i’m not giving up. so i go get another couple of buckets.

but then…something happens. about half way through bucket three….i do it…a perfect swing…the ball takes off…goes

straight…and my finish was right. i stand there posing…turn my head back…and look at shane…like WTF was that? he’s

cracking up. so i try do the same thing again…WHAM…samething. i’m pumped…and i feel like i figured something out.

So i finished the balls…and hit about 60% of them well…which i can tell you…made my day. i was about to chunk the club

across the range. and actually…one of those clubs…I BROKE. i hit a lil too much turf…and the head of the club went flying

down the range further than any ball i’d hit. so yeah…goodtiimes.

so today…my hands are killing me. i feel like i was

rock climbing all day yesterday. but i’m still happy…and praying…hoping…wishing…that i can remember what the hell it

was i did…yesterday. all i want is to not be in last place. seriously…if i’m 27th. i’ll throw a freaking party. you’re


wish me luck




  1. borkazoid

    Good luck man, I have faith in

    you. You can do it. Maybe you need a glove to avoid gashing your hands up?

  2. Ray Hernandez

    well…i’ll have a

    glove…but it’s not that they’re gashed…they’re more like tense…like i’ve been squeezing the hell out of a lil metal

    pole for hours…cause yeah…that’s what i was doing. late

  3. Vickie

    I know what my moment is… but I

    think my life would be very different had I made the “other” decision. Who know where I’d be right now.

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