Full House…

So this week my best friend chris has made his way out to san francisco. He interviewed with the San Francisco Chronicle on tuesday and it went really well. Since he may end up moving here me and Doan tried to take him around.

Yesterday…we did the full house intro. We sang the full house theme song as we went over the golden gate bridge…went to sausilito…walked around took pictures…ate some pizza…went up on the mountains and took more pictures. It was a really good day. I took off yesterday cause the weather here normally sucks. It’s always grey and rainy…but for some reason since chris has been here it’s been perfect sunny skies.

So after the lights went down…we went to check out the local porn shop…which i have to say…was a nice let down. They have a sign out side that is as big as my building…but the actual store is the size of my small meat locker. Bastards. So we then went home and had a few cocktails and watch wedding crashers. Well…they did…i passed out on the couch. I’m a bitch these days.

Well…I hope he gets the job and me and Chris can tear up another city with drunken rediculousness. Then maybe I can convince Bea, Guav, and Jackie to bring their happy asses out here too.

Anyway…here’s a bunch of the photos we took



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  1. jbroom

    i’ve noticed that you guys have been

    getting nothing but rain for weeks. the weather here this week has been awesome too.

    anyways… i’m off to the track.

    wish me luck.


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