Fuck starting off right…

Today…i thought was going to be perfect. I was having a great dream…and woke up…to something just as great…sorry…scratch that…better than any dream. So of course you’re thinking to yourself…“Today is going to be a great day.” I’m up so early the sun isn’t even up yet…which if you know me…that’s fucking nuts. I jump in the shower…get dressed and throw up the hawk.

It’s not even close to time to head to the bus…so i go across the street to Cala (my local…and by local…i mean across the street…grocery store). I grab some gum and some cranberry juice and head over to beau’s doorstep. I chill there for about ten minutes…just watching the people and the cars go by…and i’m still in my today is great mood.

Beau finally makes it outside…and we head up the hill. And i don’t know if i’ve said this before…but we have to walk two blocks to get to our first stop. 2 blocks…so fucking what right? Well it’s fucking san francisco and it’s more like a climb. We start the morning off with a fucking hike. It’s nuts.

Anyway…so we get to the bus…and the first one comes and it’s full to the brim. This is pretty normal cause of all the suit wearing peeps that have to make their way downtown. But i wasn’t squeezing into that one.

About 2 minutes later another one comes by…that’s just as full but i say fuck it. It’s pretty crowded…so when i get on…i can’t really go anywhere.

So i’m just hanging onto the post by my new homie driving the sardine can. So we head past a couple of stops and everything is


Then all of a sudden i hear “EXCUSE ME!” from this big black dude…who i notice is wearing the same brown pimp suit that all the bus drivers wear. So he makes his way next to the bus driver…and is explaining how to lower the bus for the old people and how he should just open the back door and let people on when it’s really crowded. Then he turns back and looks at me in disgust and is like “Excuse me…can you at least back up…so the man can see.” He leans back over to the bus driver and is like “Sorry man…some of these people have no manners.” I’m thinking to myself. Am i dreaming…cause i did nothing wrong…if i did anything wrong it was me bringing my cranberry juice on board with me.

We go by a couple more stops…and then the bus empties out a bit. So i’m turning around to start heading back to a seat…cause now i actually can. When the guy looks at me and says “You think maybe you can get behind the yellow line now?” like their were no people in front of me…and i was just wanting to hang out with the bus drivers with bad breathe. So i just look at the guy with a stink eye and head to the back…and as i’m walking i hear him say “Some people man…they just can’t follow rules or take orders…you just have to deal with those types of people…sorry.”

I wanted to turn around be like…EXCUSE ME…but if your fat ass wasn’t sitting in a sit…i could have been there…and you could have been up here with your fucking bad breathe brother teaching him how to fucking drive the bus. But you know me…i’m a lover not a fighter…i tried to chill and just take a seat.

But seriously…was there a reason for that? I did nothing to this fucker…and all he did besides feel the bus up with nasty breathe was…ruin my day. Fuck You Bus Trainer! Fuck you




  1. guav

    Unbelievable. There’s no way I would

    have not said something to him.

  2. Ray Hernandez

    I’m too nice man…too


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