French Fry Factory Turns Spa…

As most of you know my life has been taken over by a used to be french fry factory that me and Doan are trying to turn into a Spa. It’s been a ton of work cause of all the graffiti and random things broken that we’ve found throughout the building. But it’s still been fun. It’s crazy to look at where we’ve come from and see where we are now. But about a week or so ago Ruthorama started putting some comments on my photos telling me how she used to party at my place before I moved in.

Apparently it was a cool punk rock club/bar type thing. I mean all the landlord told us was that they never paid the rent so I had this whole other picture in my head. But anywy ruthorama sent me some links to photos of events and things going on in my building. I now totally understand why i’m cleaning up so much shit. I mean the place looks like a cool as club and I’m sure there were some bad ass shows here.

The craziest thing though was that the first link she sent me was the french fry factory’s fucking myspace profile. My fucking house has a Myspace Profile…what the fuck is up with that. Well I just thought I’d share some of these photos I found from her links and just doing random searches on flickr.

The Building

Club Scene @ the French Fry Factory

What I moved into

French Fry Factory turned Spa

Update: The French Fry Factory also has a

Friendster Profile. Jesus my fucking house has more friends than me. thanks bea.

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  1. Justin

    Fucking insane.

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