Freeze Sucka…

Freeze Sucka...So yesterday started off as just

another normal day. I woke up late as usual. Got ready…and headed down to red door to get my morning coffee and a breakfast

wrap (mc hammer wrap…how awesome is that?) So yeah…i get my food and my coffee and head back to beau’s house.


house has been our office for the last few months while we sort out an office. So i’m on his kitchen table as my work station.

It’s not bad…no tv but i survive. So i’m checking my mail…and all of a sudden i hear all of these sirens and yelling a

tires screeching. I’m like WTF is going on. So i poke my head out the window and look toward the street…and i hear

“FREEZE MOTHA FUCKA!!!!!” and i see a guy jump the fence that is between beau’s building and the next door building.

Their guns are drawn and it looks like they’re about to take him down…when all of a sudden the cops see me. I guess i spooked

them…cause within half a second i had 4 guns pointed at my face.

So i fall back into the house and almost bust my ass on

the floor. And i go tell beau what’s going on. We look out his bedroom window…and hear the cops say “He’s heading to the

roof…cut him off!” So beau’s bedroom door is pretty big and the fire escape is connected to that…so…for the next 20

minutes or so…we were checking it ever so often…to see if someone was coming up to borrow some sugar and our wallets.


yeah…the rest of the day was pretty boring…did some work…and came to our new office to get the last minute things set up

before we start coming here fulltime.

So we’re in the office today…it’s pretty sweet. It’s like my old loft…but with

hardwood floors. nice high ceilings…and lots of windows…so we can stalk people walking around. So yeah…dats it. I almost

died…i feel like i should check my life plan now…and do all the things i should do before i die. I’m like ross on

friends…when the car backfires…and he feels he’s had a near death experience. yeah…i’m a bitch.



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