Freeze Sucka Part II…

Freeze Sucka...So if you haven’t read part

one…hit the fucking back button and read it. This is part two. doesn’t make sense to read part II before you read I…so


Okay…for those of you who have read part I. So again…today seemed pretty normal…besides it being friday. It

was a pretty chill day. I got up ontime. I made it to the bus. The second one actually showed up…and me and beau got to the

office on time. Pretty chill day…got a lot of work done…went to lunch with everyone. goodtimes.

So i get home and i’m

chillin with my roomate Alisha in the living room watching some tv. When all of a sudden she mentions monday and all

that shit that happen. I think to myself. Monday was when i had a fucking gun pointed at my face. So i asked her what

happened. Her room is right next to the street…so she woke up to all of these crazy sirens. She’s peaking out the window and

see’s a ton of cops…and the entire street of California was blocked off. She’s here them yelling “He’s on the roof!!!

He’s jumping from these 3 buildings!!!” So alisha…being the helpful person that she is…politely asks the cops if the want

to come through our house and get to the roof through our back yard? They nod.

She buzzes them in…and shows them where

the side door is that leads up to the roof. The basically break through the fucking thing…rather than just fucking unlocking

it. The door locks are all fucked up now. Pricks. So yeah. Anyway…they make it to the roof and are chasing after this

guy…guns drawn…yelling and screaming.

The guy freaked…breaks through someone’s glass window…runs through their

apartment…and now he’s in a building next to us. The cops quickly follow…so he makes his way back outside…and breaks

through someone else’s window. I mean if it was me…i’d just break through someone’s door…fuck getting all cut up with

glass…but whatever. So this guy manages to break his way into 4 different apartments…before he was eventually caught by the

po po’s.

The word on the street…and the news…was that he had kidnapped a young woman. Had her stashed in his car…and

then was spotted by someone. Cops were called…car chase…luckily ending on my corner. He ran by me at beau’s house…made

his way on top of my house…down the street…and then into 4 other people’s apartments. Impressive i must say.

So yeah

for the men in blue…glad the girls okay…and Holy fucking shit that happen like right in front of me. Crazy shit.

Welcome to cali. love it.



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