Feed Blendr

Feedblendr.com lets you combine multiple feeds into one clean coded feed. Beau Lebens wanted a clean and easy to use interface for this web app.

Red was the color of choice by the client, and I created a very clean, web 2.0 ui. Below you can read a little bit more about Feedblendr.

FeedBlendr takes the feeds you give it, pulls the individual entries from each of them, attempts to sort them in date order (combined across all feeds) and then provides you with a new, blended feed of all entries. This system was written from the ground up using the programming language PHP. I’m also using MySQL to manage the feed information on the backend, and FeedBlendr is hosted on the wonderful DreamHost. Oh, and the subscribe page uses the icons from Feed Icons and OPML Icons. The blog, this page, Tips and Contact are all managed using the wonderful, open-source blogging engine WordPress.

In case you were wondering, my name (the guy who made this) is Beau Lebens. My main website is Dented Reality, and I do all sorts of projects like this one. This visual interface of this site was designed by my good friend Ray Hernandez and coded up by me in my spare time (around my day-job, which takes up way too many hours in the day).

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