F(%# Dreamhost, Hello MediaTemple


Well as you probably saw, my site has been down for a couple of weeks.  This was due to some leak in Dreamhost where someone was able to inject spam links into all WordPress blogs.  Pretty much it sucked balls, and I had to hire someone to move all of my domains from Dreamhost over to Media Temple.  Oh and this wasn’t an easy process.  Not just because of the amount of stuff I have on the old server, but mainly because the Dreamhost server was so slow, that I couldn’t connect to it most of the time.  This made the process take forever.

But thank god, I’m finally on a blazing fast Media Temple Grid Server and I couldn’t be happier.  Thanks Tej for your hardwork.  And sorry to everyone that I host your site, or to you people that just wanted to see my pretty site 🙂

Hope this never happens again.  F&$^ Dreamhost!

The end.


  1. Karl@DreamHost

    Sup Ray.

    Your problem is you didn’t bother to update your WordPress installations. Versions older than 2.6.5 are known to be vulnerable, and that version has been out a while now. The current release is 2.7.1. See:

    The copies of WordPress you were running under various domains included:


    I hope you updated your software when moving to MediaTemple — if you didn’t, you’re going to suffer the same fate there. This is a software issue, not a host issue.

    Good luck!

  2. Ray Hernandez

    Actually my wordpress was up to date. I’m not trying to continue to put blame on dreamhost, but this wasn’t the first time it happened and my dreamhost hosted sites were always slow as can be. Sorry about talking so much shit on you guys, but my experience wasn’t a pleasant one. And I’ve had no issues on MT.

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