Dreams do come true…

So if you know me…and if you read my blog…you probably do. You know that I love lofts. I used to live in a loft and it was the coolest place I’ve ever lived in my life. That is until now.

Something happen last night. My girl worked her magic and got an owner of an 8000 square foot two story building to rent the whole damn building to us for cheap as hell. So my Tom Hanks “Big” dreams are a reality. Obviously this is going to be a lot of work. As you can see it needs some work…but to me…this is awesome. I get to build, paint, and do whatever I want to an entire building. The plan is that Doan’s massage business will be run out of the top floor and we’ll live out of the bottom. The most important part of that is that I finally have room for a pool table. So actually this is 2 dreams come true.

Here are a couple of pics so you can tell me you think I’m nuts. But I’ll take more as soon as we get the keys. Oh and there will be a massive party very soon. Soon like March 24th for the Big Beau Bash that he doesn’t know about. Well he didn’t tell he read this. His birthday is the 22nd but just like mine wednesdays suck for parties. So friday…mark your calendar. And if you live in a different state buy your plane ticket.

Here’s the place as it sits.




  1. borkazoid

    What’s this business about a

    party??? Rawwwk

    \m/ <---- metal horns!

  2. jbroom


    if i wasn’t the

    brokest person i know i’d be flying out.

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