So I was at the gym last night. I was doing some shit…I think I was doing triceps when I noticed a Father and Son running on the treadmill. Seems really nice to me. A father and a son working out together. Made me start thinking about how I want a kid and all that jazz.

I’ve always wanted to be a young dad. My dad had me at 19, and I’m not saying that was a good thing. Cause I know it made it a lot harder, but one thing that came from it was how I learned from watching my dad. Like my dad didn’t tell me stories about when he played baseball. I watched him play. I learned how by practicing with him while he was getting ready for games.

I never wanted to be that dad that is too old to go out and play catch. Or hit ground balls to him and his friends. Anyway…that’s kinda besides the point. So at the gym last night. There was that father and son. After they got off the treadmill the dad goes for a drink of water and the sun starts lifting some weights on a machine.

The father comes back with this disgusted look on his face. And just starts going off on his son. “DO YOU THINK YOU’RE GONNA PLAY BALL IN HIGHSCHOOL DOING PUSSY LIFTING LIKE THAT!!!! COME ON PICK IT UP!!!!” All of a sudden I was like WTF? I mean I want a son. And I want my son to be a bad ass athlete. I think I can teach him a lot. But come on man…there’s no fucking need to treat your kid like shit like that.

It made me really rethink my parental plan. I mean I wanted to push my kid…not like that of course. But still…I wanted to practice a lot and all that jazz. Just watching that made me want to just chill back and let whatever happens to my kid happen. I would rather they suck at sports and have no friends. Than for me to ever yell at my kid like this guy did.

Random I know…but what blog of mine isn’t.



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