Boyz in the Hood meets the Love Parade…

So last night was halloween. I wasn’t pumped whatsoever. I mean being in san francisco there isn’t a walmart on every corner…like there is in texas. So getting shit for your costume takes a lot more effort. Which i just didn’t have. I planned on being dora the explorer since she teaches the kinda spanish i actually know. Hola…Come esta…Gracias…that’s pretty much the list. Ah well. I think i know more japanese than i actually know spanish. sad huh?

Anyway…so my friend nate calls me up wondering if we’re going down to castro tonight. We are so he says he’ll drive us if we want. Cool. Everyone of my friends that are from here aren’t going. They all said the exact same thing. “Oh i’ve been before. You have to go see it…but i don’t want to go.” I should have known it had to be something strange if people that live here don’t want to partake in this event.

I assumed it was the gay thing. That they had issues with watching guys make out and going down on each other and all that jazz which i just figured would be all over the place. Since that’s the only stories i had heard about castro on halloween. So anyway…we get picked up…and we drive around for about 45 minutes looking for a place to park. No dice. So we drive back to nate’s…he parks his car…and we wait for a bus. We wait for about 30 minutes…no bus. So we all hop in a cab and we’re off.

So the cab driver drops us off at some fence in the middle of the street and says “Have good party yeah.” So we start following all of the slutty nurses and bloody monsters down the street. There are quiet a few people…but i’m still thinking to myself…this is it? WTF. there are more people in dallas partying. Then we get to the strip. HOLY FUCK.


This is when i nearly shit myself. There were so many damn people. And it didn’t matter which street you were heading down around castro…it looked just liked this. Thousands of drunk slutty women and men dressed up in some of the craziest costumes ever. It was cool. But…

But…then it got weird. I watched a guy throw a medium sized bottle of jack into a massive crowd on the street and run off. Luckily it didn’t hit anyone. But then about 10 minutes later…there are cops running after some guys down the street. And i don’t know if you’ve ever been in a thousand man crowd…and then people start running…it’s pretty fucking scary. It calmed down a little…but that’s when boyz in the hood showed up.

There were these groups of raiders jackets and dark sun glasses mixed in with all of the pink and furry costumes. It was weird. I know it’s cali and oakland is down the street…but you know…and i know…that oakland jackets…and attire are ghetto as fuck. it just is.

So about then it wasn’t fun anymore. We were getting pushed around by the people that think if you push through the line…it’ll end sooner. yeah those jackasses. So we’re getting pushed around…and we have no idea where we are. All i had in my head was a vision of that fucker throwing the jack bottle. So I’m checking behind me and in the air every few minutes. Not very fun.

I mean we weren’t dressed up…we were just checking it out. And there was no way to get into any bars. And we didn’t know it. But we should have brought our own drinks. So yeah. It sucked.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the creative costumes…and there were some awesome ones out there. So that part of it was fucking cool. And just the pure amount of people was awesome. But…i have to say i wasn’t the biggest fan of the castro halloween. I didn’t even take very many pictures…and you know i’m a picture takin whore.

So yeah…no more boyz in the hood castro fun for me. I’ll watch it on the news next year.

“We’re not hosting an intergallactic kegger…”



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