Big Pink Mexican…

( i started writing this a minute ago…and was almost

done…when my computer crashed…so lets see what i can remember)

What does “Big Pink Mexican” mean? this is the question

that has been asked quite a bit this week. Actually the question i’ve been getting is: “Are you gay?” which cracks me up. To

answer that….NO. i’m not gay. But…i do like pink. it is my favorite color and has been for a number of years. But it

wasn’t always like that.

Blue used to be my color of choice. Actually it was since i can actually remember. But something

happen a few years ago when i was working for I was managing a lot of our online advertising and i started to notice

something. anything that had pink in it worked really well. I mean so much better than any other color.

It was then that i

realized something. Pink fucking rocks it just worked…it didn’t matter what it was…a banner…a site…a

button…anything. if it had pink in it…it did better. by far. so it just started a chain reaction. everything i did…i

used pink. even if it was just hints of it pink…i used it. It got to a point and still is actually…where when i think of a

color…that’s what comes to mind.

It’s funny to me how a simple question like “What is your favorite color?”…can start

such a mental reaction of thoughts. so much that you start thinking about someone’s sexual preference. it cracks me up. I

actually kinda like how it makes people think “What the fuck does big pink mexican mean?” but…if you want to know something

just ask. don’t assume 🙂 So yeah..i’m not gay…i did grow up at a beauty salon…but still very far from gay. I just like

pink. I don’t wear pink…not a fan of the cool guys wear pink crap…but yeah…it works…and i like it . so there. still

the big pink mexican.

Oh…i just realized i left out the Big and the Mexican part. well…i would think that…that would be

easy to get…but just in case…since i’m clarifying. I’m 6′ 2″ and weigh about 230. Which i’m the small one out of my

friends…but still…to most people…that’s big. so yeah. and…ummm…and i’m mexican. so yeah…not that…that is

settled. the end.




  1. Anonymous

    I like big pink and mexican!



  2. Anonymous

    big… indeed. mexican… yes,

    yes. pink… well, you’ve managed to justify it. just wanted to say hello and that i thought about you today.

  3. Anonymous

    Ahhhhh…..I can still remember

    the good old days when we were in school…….you managed to corrupt my brain for the rest of my life. Big pink mexican is

    hardly accurate………it’s an understatement. =) You can definitely vouch for the fact that you are and will always be the

    first big pink mexican I have ever seen!!

  4. cindylu

    Three things:

    1. Maybe I

    should dye my hair pink and I’ll do better with the boys… right

    2. You’re tall for a Mexican.

    3. I thought

    the pink referred to something about the fact that not all Mexicans are browm and that we come in lots of colors.

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