The Loft: Before and After

So since this new building has been taking up so much of my life. I figured I’d give you guys an update on the progress. I personally think that we’re flying through this renovation. We’ve got some fresh paint on the upstairs living area. And as you can see in the photo it makes a dramatic difference in the space.

There’s still a ton of work for me to do in the spa area. I have to patch the walls and ceilings, paint all the rooms, get the carpet installed, and then I have to lay tile in the bathrooms. Sounds like a nice list, but I really have faith that I can get all this done by April 20th. And if not I’m gonna shoot for that anyway cause that’s when I want doan’s Spa to open.

Her spa is called Humble Way “massage your way to a healthy lifestyle” Basically it’s going to be a massage salon. 4 rooms with massage tables and a lobby for clients that are waiting. Nothing huge and fancy, but I think it’ll be great. She has a lot of friends in the industry and even if they don’t work there it’ll be a great space to rent out to other massage therapist.

Anyway…I’m excited with the progress. My dad flew in last weekend and helped me through a ton of stuff. I don’t know what I would have done without him. He’s a real bad ass. Fixes walls, runs electricity, pipes for water, was doing it all. And it all looks great. He really saved my ass. Thanks dad.

Well yeah…here are a ton of photos of before and after but not in that order so you’ll just have to go through them to see the space.

Photos of the Loft



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