Be all that you can be…

As most of you know I’m not a big fan of politics. I hate dealing with it just cause of the fakeness behind it. Politicians tend to just lie. They’ll lie to you to get you to agree with them…and do whatever they can just to get your vote. They say yes I am totally against that and I’d never do that…if you elect me. But as soon as they’re in office you have no idea what they’ll do. It’s scary.

I have the same feelings about the military. I mean I’m glad there are people out there that want to go out there and protect america, but I’m not a fan of the military government. I feel that they’re just like politicians. They just tell you what you need to hear so you’ll join their team. Lots of promises.

Well I just saw this video that made me feel that I’ve made the right decisions, and that my personal beliefs are now shared by a lot of people that have actually been in the military. It’s worth a watch.

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