I’m a native Texan…who got the travel bug early in life. I’ve lived in Dallas TX, Kailua HI, Jersey City (I told people NYC) NJ, Kihei Maui, Waikiki HI, Austin TX, Walnut Creek CA, Round Rock TX, San Francisco CA,Orange County CA, and now reside in San Diego CA.

I spend my days designing beautiful mobile apps & websites. My most recent startup was a hardware device called the LikeUs Network. Which enabled vending machines to accept mobile payments from any phone, that I had the honor to work on with Mark Cuban.

I’m currently working on a new startup with the beta name of Pixel Learning.  I’m building toys, apps, and websites that teach early education (1.5-3.5 years old children) kids about coding languages & a new digital way to learn letters, sounds they make, colors, and how words work.


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Want to find out more…just ask me? I’m an open book.

twitter: @raydawg88
skype: raydawg88
facebook: www.facebook.com/raydawg88
Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+RayHernandez