A special day in my life…

January 23, 2008, 1:27pm (hawaii time) represents a monumental moment in my life. What it represents is the first time in my life that a venture, idea, project that I have been a part of has become a reality. I mean I’ve worked for big companies and come up with ideas and had those go through and be successful, but this is different. This is an idea…a design…and a totally new market…that was created by me and Beau.

It’s crazy. At 1:27pm I sent out the first beta test invitation for mybabyourbaby.com. The online baby scrapbooking site we’ve been developing for about 5 months. It was pretty crazy…my heart was racing while I was putting in people’s email address in my mail app. You always think in your head that it’s just another day…but you are inviting someone to something that you built. It’s like asking someone if your baby is cute. You know they’re gonna say yes…but there is a slight chance that they tell you something you don’t want to hear.

Anyway I just want to say thank you to Beau for taking a chance on an idea…and making it happen. We built something pretty sweet and in about 2 weeks everyone is gonna know about it. It’s a crazy time in my life…and I can’t wait for this thing to take off.

Also I want to give an early thank you to all my friends and family that are going to get hounded in the next couple of weeks to tell everyone they know and invite every friend or family member they have with a child 🙂 So ummm…thanks.

Anyway…just had to document this day.


  1. Amber

    Congrats! I

    know how hard you guys worked on this. Maybe I’ll adopt a kid just so I can use your site. Oh yeah….

  2. toph

    i believe in you

  3. Doan

    I’m so proud of you babe.

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