2005 has to be the year

I’ve tried for a few years now to get my own company going. the internet is a weird place. you can have a great idea and still have no one on it. it’s tough. BUT…this time. i think i got it. me and a couple of friends of mine have a real idea this time around. we’re tapping into a few markets…and making them all work together like nothing has before. a nice salsa if you will of social networking, dating, blogs, instant messaging, music, and anything else we can think of before launch. It’s gonna be hot. SocialFly. be on the lookout for that name.

anyway. basically 2005. it has to happen. i’ve become pretty sick of working for million dollar companies and turning their crap design into something beautiful. not to mention making them a ton of money and get a tiny little cut of that. it’s kinda bad. i want to be one of those companies. i want to make a few mill and pay some kids a few thousand to get it going.

na…not really. i love doing what i do for my own stuff. i doubt i’d want to hire anyone…cause i’d probably redo what they did anyway. but still…i’m pretty obsessed with money. i want it. i used to have this dream that wired magazine would do a article on us. me and my two partners, beau of Dented Reality and julio. and honestly…with what we’re working on. i think it could happen. so i’ll keep that dream a live for 2005. but if 2005 is not the year. no. that’s not an option. it is going to be the year. you’ll see. if not…then i guess i’ll write this again and just call it 2006 has to be the year. we’ll see. december 1st.


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