I am Ray Hernandez. Dad, Designer, Entrepreneur, and Lover of All Things in a Bun

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Who Am I

I've been in the creative industry for over a decade, working with some of the top brands in the world. My nickname is the Big Pink Mexican.

What I Do

I'm well versed in all aspects of the creative process. From the initial Sketches, UX Wireframes, Conceptual UI Design, all the way to production Applied Design.

What I Love

I love building new things. Taking a random idea from my brain, and creating something tangible for people to use. Entrepreneur since birth.

Some of the brands I've had the pleasure to work with


These are the days of our lives

Otherwise known as a blog

SocialFly Photobooths

In 2011 we had just left Hawaii and were living in Austin.  Our friend Kris, who is ex-military, worked on the side for this little photobooth company doing weddings & other events. One day he needed help, and asked my wife if she could come to a wedding and help him out. She agreed, went to this wedding, and came back that night screaming at me “WE HAVE TO DO A PHOTOBOOTH! THERE WAS A CRAZY LONG LINE FOR PEOPLE WANTING TO GET IN THIS BOOTH!”

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Ninja Shaved Ice – Food Truck

The whole Food Truck scene was really hot at this point, and we were in the mecca living in San Francisco (Walnut Creek). So my brain started churning:  How much does a machine to make this cost? how much can we get a truck for? how much to renovate the truck? how much are licenses? how much could we charge per shaved ice?

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LikeUs Network – Vending Mobile Payment Hardware

LikeUs Network is a mobile payment hardware device for vending machines. When our hardware is plugged into vending machines, it enables them to accept payments from paypal, google wallet, saved credit cards, and other payment solutions. Mark Cuban was an investor in the company, giving us a seed amount of $75,000.

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